Sh*t Cyclists Say Video is Satire at its Finest

Not since Velominati’s “The Rules” have I been so entertained by cycling satire. Cyclists and Roadies are a peculiar bunch. We have our own language, rules, rituals, and personalities. If you haven’t already met them, let me introduce you in the video “Sh*t Cyclists Say” — watch it below.

Every phrase, statement, and action is unfortunately spot on. It’s a satirical look at ourselves. As I have read the comments and thoughts on forums and YouTube, people chime in with their own additions, but there is one angle that has not been addressed — the different personas.

I cannot take credit for the observation, our Service Manager and Mechanic Steve brought it to my attention. It made me appreciate and find this video that much more hilarious and true.

The Cycling Personas:


The Snob

All about Euro-chic, would rather talk about riding than actually riding, loves boasting about himself, goes with the trends, and thinks he’s really important. A “Yuppie”?
“I get paid to wear this.” [/one_half] [one_half_last]
Shit Cyclists Say

The Know-It-All

Likes to ride, attempts to act like a know-it-all and lets you know it, really loves relaying buzz words to his supposedly less versed riding buddies, everyone lets him ramble on.
“Do you have ceramic bearings?”[/one_half_last]
[hr_small] [one_half]
Freds in Cycling

The Fred / Excuse Guy

Idolizes other riders, spouts off names, buzz words, or anything that has been mentioned in a magazine, uses the latest technology, seeks approval, makes excuses, every ride seems to be a ‘Recovery Ride’.
“I’m just.. I’m just doing an easy day today.”[/one_half] [one_half_last]

The Clueless Guy

Doesn’t know any better, asks questions to ask questions, comes into a shop to just pass time, they like riding, but are more caught up in the products.
“Is this organic?”[/one_half_last]

It is also interesting how you can view these individuals from two different perspectives:

  • The first is that this is one guy and how he acts around different people.
  • The other perspective is that these are the different types of cyclists we encounter.

This video should be a fun (yet frightening) reminder about how we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously.

My favorite persona? The riding buddies. They just focus on the ride, enjoy to ride their bike, and let their legs do the talk.

I hate to cut this short, but I gotta go… I have a 4,000 kilojoule recovery day ride awaiting,