Sample Built to Order Bike Pricing & Frame Templates

If you’ve never experienced purchasing a built-to-order bike, you’re missing out. Imagine how much better your bike will ride when every component plays a specific role? Have a budget? Let us know and we’ll put something together. Have your own custom build in mind? Email us for a free quote!

These sample builds use complete gruppos. When we say Dura-Ace, we mean Dura-Ace. Competitors love marketing a “Dura-Ace bike” and then stocking the bike with an Ultegra chain, cassette, or off-brand brakes. Take that into account when comparing prices. A brand’s gruppo consists of shifters, front derailleur, rear derailleur, brakes, crank, cassette, chain, and bottom bracket. When spec’ing your Jack Kane bike, you are more than welcome to mix and match.

Ready-to-Ride Bike Examples

price sheet concise 4_21

Aluminum triathlon bikes start at $2,399 | Carbon triathlon/TT bikes start at $3,799

k team carbon deals

Blank Frames for Design Ideas


  • Click the desired canvas and save the image to your computer
  • Rev up your creative juices and design a bike to your liking
  • Send your design to info[at]kanebikes[.]com or call us: 910.455.1011
  • Nighthawk SL

    Battle Axe SL

    K Team Ca SL

    K Team Racing SL

    K Team Ca Krono

    K Team Track

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