“Like it never happened!” That’s what you’ll be telling your riding buddies after working with us.
Jack started off in the 1970s working after his shop hours becoming well versed in molding processes. He began with an emphasis in fiber glass — repairing boats, surf boards, race cars, motorcycles, etc. Working with moldings easily complimented his custom paint and bike work. With his machine shop and expertise, he can essentially build and cut a “puzzle piece” if necessary. With his tool and die maker experience, Jack knows the engineering required to repair carbon fiber. With this knowledge, he not only repairs your frame, but replicates the ride quality and makes it as strong, if not stronger than before. Carbon fiber bicycles aren’t going anywhere, so the demand for professional and safe carbon repair services have sky rocketed. We frequently works with his industry partners — bike shops, bicycle importers, race teams, and bicycle manufacturers themselves.

There are some great companies repairing carbon fiber bicycles, but we take our work a step further. We believe that when your bike comes into our shop, on top of the repair, it should leave looking better than when it came in. Your bike is going to look thousands of miles younger. We do not leave the repaired areas exposed or unpainted. We understand why others do it, it’s cheaper, but it’s unsightly. This is because carbon fiber weaves vary from manufacturer to manufacturer (just like fabrics). Your nickname isn’t going to be “Patches” on the group ride. Almost every repair we do receives a completely new clear or matte coat on the frame and fork. We do not believe in potential inconsistencies in the clear and neither do our customers. This allows us to remove surface scratches in the finish. We believe in doing small touch ups too. When a bike is repaired by Jack Kane, it’s going to have the same aesthetic value as his custom bicycle paint jobs. Expect more from your repairs.

If you want your bike to receive a rock solid repair, look like nothing happened, and appear thousands of miles younger, we’re your repair company.Jack Kane
Our Carbon Repair Process:

  • Call (910.455.1011) or email us to discuss the repair
  • We’ll tell you if your frame is repairable and provide you a quote (both repair and paint)
  • Please remove all components and parts before shipping to avoid a $100 disassemble/assemble charge
  • Full payment is required before the bicycle is shipped back to you
  • Our repairs are conditionally guaranteed
In The News

Bring your bike back to its original look or completely repaint it! We’re a custom design and custom bicycle paint company too. Jack has been painting bikes for over thirty-eight years. Whether it’s a brand new clear coat or multiple colors, we can paint it. All of our repairs require paint.

Crashes and breaks happen and if we can help you save thousands of dollars from purchasing a new bike, we will.

Please send frame repairs to:

Jack Kane Carbon Frame Repair
909 N. Marine Boulevard
Jacksonville, NC 28540