Carbon Fiber Bicycle Repair Grows in North Carolina


Jacksonville, North Carolina – Jack Kane, owner of Jack Kane Custom Racing Bicycles, is now offering his carbon fiber bicycle repair services to the public. His business has been strictly referral-based from bike shops, bicycle importers, race teams, and bicycle manufacturers themselves. However, the bicycle market is demanding carbon fiber specialists and he is making his services available to the general public.

Jack Kane has been building bicycles and repairing equipment since the 1970’s. His repair experience started with fiberglass molding and began fixing boats, surf boards, motorcycles, etc. As carbon fiber and composites have roared onto the scene, he has further diversified his skill sets by including carbon fiber repair.

As the carbon fiber bicycle market is demanding carbon repair specialists, Jack is raising awareness for his services. While not every frame can be repaired, Jack utilizes his tool and die maker experience and engineering background to repair most bicycles, saving customers thousands of dollars in the cost of a brand new bike. Jack is a professional painter of thirty plus years, so he is able to make a rider’s bike look brand new.

Jack’s repair service is open to riders across the United States. All work is done in-house in Jacksonville, North Carolina in Jack’s full machine shop. Riders wishing to have their bicycles repaired should contact us via the information below.

About Jack Kane:

Jack Kane has been in the bicycle industry for almost forty years. Since 1973, he has built a bicycle shop with a reputation for exceptional service, knowledge, and expertise. He has been working with carbon and composites bicycles since the late 1980s. In 2001, he founded his own line of custom designed and painted road, track, and triathlon bicycles, Jack Kane Custom Racing Bicycles. He is dedicated to making the bicycle industry a better place and empowering riders to express themselves through their bicycles and meeting individual rider’s needs.


For further information, contact: Brand Marketing Manager, Zane Schweer
Phone: 910.455.1011