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We are thankful for every single customer and rider. These customers were gracious enough to talk about their experience and what their bike means to them. Jack Kane bike riders create their own authenticity. You should join us.

John S, a 19x Ironman, Took An Idea and Made It a Reality

It was a privilege fulfill Bob N.’s requests for honoring Ken Tietjen.

Roland W. Got Exactly What He Wanted

Susan H. enjoys brand new cars, but this was much more fun

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Karsten B. on Google wrote:

I have a K Team Racing SL aluminum frame and it is a fantastic bike. As far as ride quality is concerned is it stiff in all right places. It accelerates well out of the saddle and excels while climbing. This climbing prowess is due to the bikes light weight (16.1 lbs for an aluminum frame/carbon fork with sram red, zipp aluminum cockpit, and mavic ksyerium sl wheels). Despite its race oriented geometry it is still very comfortable for long hours on the bike. I can also attest to the bikes durability on long stretches of dirt and gravel. The paint job is stunning. Zane worked with me to get exactly what I wanted and took a few professional liberties that took the bike to a whole new level. Even if you took a magnifying glass to the paint job you not be able to see any imperfections anywhere. All in all i can’t say enough about the quality and kindness of the folks at Kane Custom Bikes and would have not problem recommending them for any of your paint oriented, carbon repair, or custom bike needs. Karsten’s bike

Mark F. wrote:

I asked Jack Kane to renovate my well-worn 22-year-old Kestrel 200 SC. First impressions speaking by phone with Jack’s helpful business manager, Zane Schweer, and (after making the drive from the NC Triangle area to Jacksonville) upon seeing the layout of the shop were very positive. I was particularly impressed by Jack’s knowledge and attention to detail. He spent a couple of hours on a busy Saturday afternoon personally guiding me to choices of new drive train (SRAM Force 22), wheels and handlebar that have resulted in a very low weight setup with performance well exceeding that of the original bike. During the fitting stage Jack realized that, because of congenital spinal curvature (scoliosis), I would benefit from a taller handlebar stem. Without hesitation, he reached into a drawer and swapped in a stem that significantly improved my riding position (and also coordinated better with the paint job – see below). In fact, after having cycled fairly seriously for 4 decades, logging enough miles to get at least halfway to the moon, and frequenting a number of good bicycle shops in the US and UK, I am more comfortable on the upgraded Kestrel than any bike I’ve ever ridden.

A main reason I searched out Jack Kane in the first place was his expertise with carbon repair and bicycle painting. I initially assumed that we would simply replicate the original “basic black” paint and Kestrel logos. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that for the same price Jack would offer a unique custom paint job. Working with his excellent business manager, Zane Schweer (who coincidentally got his MBA at Wake Forest University, where I work), we came up with a design that incorporated thematic elements I requested, including our Medical Center’s logo, along with the “Demon Deacon” colors, black and gold. I was stunned by the final look and the quality of the workmanship. In many ways the bike is now better than new. And the project came in exactly on budget. A+ all around to Jack Kane and his team. ~Taken from Google Reviews

Kim P. wrote:

I live in Los Angeles and was looking for a company to repaint my red Time road bike which I have owned since 2009. I LOVE my Time bike and didn’t want to spend $4k for another Time just because I don’t like the original red paint job.

I searched on-line and found Jack Kane Bikes in North Carolina. I saw all the before and after photos and knew this was a very reputable company, although I did want to find a company in California. I emailed Jack Kane Bikes and two other California based companies and ONLY Jack Kane Bikes replied. I could have followed up with the other California companies, but I liked that Zane from Jack Kane Bikes took the time to answer all my questions. Their customer service is top notch!

Zane worked with me on the colors I wanted and advised me on what would look best with my frame. We ended up going with pearlized white with black accents. When my bike arrived, it exceeded my expectations! My bike looks brand new! They were able to smooth out nicks in my frame and cleaned all my components!

The entire process was about 4 weeks from the time I shipped it out. They took great care in packing my bike up when shipping it back to me.

The price was very reasonable and because I love the results, I plan to send my tri bike to get custom painted. I really like having a bike that no one else has.

If you are looking to change up your paint job, do not hesitate to send your bike to Jack Kane Bikes!

Thanks Zane for your professionalism and attention to detail in taking care of my bike! Via


Marc R. wrote:

Back in March of this year (2013) I met Zane and Mike from Jack Kane Custom Bicycles at the TeamCBC swap meet. They had brought out an impressive array of eye catching bicycles. I had no intention of getting a new bike that day, but sometimes the best happenings are unintentional. I happened to pick up a beautifully painted aluminum frame that was laying on their table and… Holy Smoke that’s light! Talking with Mike and Zane, I found out it was a Team Kane Racing SL and had actually been raced by their Mountain Khakis, Jittery Joe’s sponsored race team. And wouldn’t you know it, it was my size. It took some convincing but, I ended up taking it home. My wife bought it for me for a belated birthday gift! Lucky man!

Over the next month or so I collected second hand components. I’m on a budget to say the least. I actually sold my mountain bike to finance the build. I carried my bikes, frame, and parts to my friend and mechanic Fred’s shop and we (he) expertly assembled my new Jack Kane K Team Racing SL. Just sounds fast, doesn’t it? It is.

None of the parts I used to build it are super light. It has run of the mill aluminum wheels, bars and stem, and yet weighs only eighteen pounds with pedals and bottle cages. It’s really not the light weight that makes it great though. In a word, it’s responsive… Ultimately responsive. This bike jumps, runs, climbs, and corners unlike anything I could have imagined, let alone the few I’ve ridden. Every bit of pedal effort translates to go. It holds a line like it’s pre-programmed. And it will lay in to a corner as far as you dare, and roll right through. It has made me a better cyclist…. No Exaggeration! And it looks really cool too. Admit it, that helps. Many thanks to Zane, Mike, Fred the genius mechanic, and of course my wife CJ. It’s only been a few hundred miles. I’ll update you after a few thousand more.

Thanks, Marc R., Raleigh, North Carolina

Bryn in New Jersey on Google wrote:

I discovered Kane through an Internet search. My intent was to have my white and black Time RXR redone in a new paint scheme. There were scratches and chips from three-four years of use and abuse. The cycle came with a rather complicated color and paint scheme, including carbon weave cutouts forming the Time logo. I got on the phone with Zane who walked me through every step in the process. It was immediately confidence inspiring – talking with someone who was super passionate, very knowledgeable, and extraordinarily open to collaborating with me on the whole design concept and the execution. I had the bike broken down at my local shop, Cadence in Philadelphia, and they did the shipping.

When the cycle arrived at Kane, it was immediately into the design queue, and I was corresponding that day with Zane about color schemes, paint tones, finishes and all the rest. He did various design mockups for me and really guided me through the process of making the best selections. We collaborated on what ended up being a very sharp scheme. The consultation with Zane and his super-responsive approach was so absolutely reassuring. And then the cycle went in for painting the next week – and the results – absolutely stunning and beyond expectations. The frame and fork look like they just came from the factory. Every aspect of the execution is spot on. And, I should note, when the frame and fork arrived back to me (Kane shipped directly back to Cadence), the packaging was done to perfection – with real care. From beginning to end, Kane made this whole project easy for me. Their approach to customer service should be documented and written about and circulated in the industry as a model. And the execution of the paint job was exceptional. I am really eager to get this bike put back together and on the road. And I already have the next project in the queue with Kane. This is simply a super impressive operation on all levels.


Marfredo in New York on wrote:

Late last year, I decided I was going to have my Ridley Noah Pro custom painted. I did plenty of researching, from local to online businesses who had experience working on carbon fiber and not just painting it. I spoke to them all and after speaking to Zane, the brand manager at JKCRB, I had my made decision.

The process couldn’t have been easier. I had a harder time trying to find a box to fit my frameset because of the ISP.
Once it arrived to JKCRB, Jack Kane, Zane and I went over every detail and the possible colors and designs I had originally sent them. I was updated frequently, always confirming what would be done with my approval, and sharing their ideas as well.

My frameset was delivered in the specific timeframe given and the custom paint job exceeded my expectations.
Exceptional customer service, and highly recommended for anyone considering to have their favorite frameset custom painted.

Link to Bikeforums post.


Sharon F. wrote:

He helps out in a local bike shop and has offered me a great discount on XYZ bikes. I tell him to look at my bike and tell me why I would ever want to change. He had no answer because at the end of the day, the rider has to feel good and look good on the bike. I have never had to adjust the fit that I got from Jack on the phone as he spent over an hour with me. I will never forget that. I have never had a knee pain and most people are amazed at my position…in the drops most of the time. I am so comfortable there.

Thanks for continuing to make my day..every day that I roll out and fly freely..if just for a bit.

Slade S. wrote:

What a great experience I had with this company. I wanted to get a custom paint job on a beach cruiser for my wife and searched quite extensively to find the right company. These guys were professional, quick to reply, and very knowledgeable regarding any questions I had. I sent them the bike and the design and within weeks, my newly painted bike was shipped back to me and looked even better than I could have ever imagined! I highly recommend this company for any custom paint jobs you may require.

The camo bike.

Phil W. wrote:

Message: I just wanted to thank Zane and Jack for an amazing bike, as well as a wonderful bike buying experience. I was in the market for a new bike and I searched through the typical internet retailers. I also went to a nearby store for one of the national retailers. What I found was a myriad of components put together with a frame in order to hit a price point. When I had questions, I got a generic email responses and ill-informed replies.

My experience with Jack Kane Bikes was night and day different. Both Zane Schweer and Jack Kane talked through my cycling style and the bikes that could best suit my build. I felt confident that I was buying a bike that was right for me. The bike arrived almost ready to ride. After I got the bike, Zane followed up with another call to ensure that everything was working well. The bike is also night and day better than my previous ride. I am enjoying the stiff responsive frame and smooth shifting. I look forward to riding this bike for thousands of miles.

Phil W.

Jessica K. wrote:

Jack and Zane,

All I can say is: YOU HIT A HOMERUN! It is the most fabulous bike I’ve ever seen. When I unboxed it I called my husband right away and said, “I wouldn’t even care if it works, it’s so cool!!!” Of course I had to do a small tester and it rides like a dream. I can’t thank you enough, the whole experience was just awesome….so unexpected and gracious. I LOVE IT. Chalk me up as your most satified customer!

Jess K. “The Argyle bike” K Team Carbon Krono


To: Jack Kane Custom Racing Bicycles

From: Bob N.

Subject: Product Comment

Jack, I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Nighthawk SL bicycle I purchased from you, also the professional advice and assistance you provided to me during the selection of the frame and accessories to meet my budget.

Your patience with me during the selection of paint colors, graphics and theme to include, In Memory Of the 9-11 NJ/NYPAPD Police Officer, Ken Tietjen and his badge, these were most important to our family, your interpretation of and, the end product is by far better than expected from the crude conceptual scheme I gave to you, it is unique and certainly a one off due to your skills with the paint and airbrush.

The geometry of the frame and the set-up you did when fitting me are working great, I am very comfortable both in the saddle, and on the bars and Stem. Recommending SRAM was great as the brake/shifter levers work perfectly.

I have now covered in excess of 750 miles and the ride; it is light yet responsive but not stiff, I just love it.

Thanks Jack, for your care, understanding and attention to my needs.

From Dave R about his Nighthawk:
On 6/15/2011 8:35 AM:

Hey Zane,

That frame is incredible! In the crit I was late braking, early apexing, taking inside line, gaining places as I wished…………awesome cornering, Ferrari F1 stuff.

Lots of people down here have never seen a “Kane” So I talked it up……lots liked the “Custom aspect” Something different

Finished 11th over all…………………………Cat 5, First race in 20 yrs

Ron M. writes:

I live in Northern California and due to our great weather I ride my bike year round. Two years ago I retired, so now you can say my job is riding, and I do love my work. Here in California I have three Pinarello’s 2 Dogma’s and a prince. I ride these bikes here everyday, and as you know they are highly rated by Bicycling magazine. About the last 4 years I have been going to NC to vacation at Topsail beach. Because I love to ride I was renting a bike for each visit. One day I did a Google search for local bike shops near me in NC. Well that is when I found the bicycling shop and Jack and Kathy Kane.

It started when Jack sold me one of his DLP race bikes that was turned back in from their profession team sponsorship. He held the bike for me for six months no money down just waiting for my return. The bike is perfect for the weeks I spend in Topsail. Jack himself has helped me with repairs here in California when I couldn’t get service from my LBS. He is a wealth of knowledge and he loves to share it. I met Kathy his wife at the shop and talk about someone who loves their work and knows their stuff and that is Kathy. Then I found out if I wanted to suffer on Wednesday’s and Friday’s they host a group ride. Saturdays too but I need some rest. I could go on and on about all the help I have gotten from Steve, Jeff, and Van at the shop. Let me just say that I go to a lot of my local shops here in Northern Ca. I was very happy to find a first class operation in Jacksonville NC. If you want the best and need anything bike related see Jack or his staff and you will be pleased.

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