Company Overview

We are a professional custom design bicycle company based in Jacksonville, North Carolina. You have a team that works for you to deliver a great bike. Our bicycles have panache. You can go crazy with color or go all black. If you’re spending thousands of dollars on a bicycle and your well-being, you shouldn’t settle for the mass-produced paint jobs and stock components. No one ever likes seeing someone else with the same bike on a group ride or race. With us, you will never have that problem.

What Makes a Kane, a Kane?

Bike Design – Similar to almost every other bicycle company in the U.S., we work with our partners in Asia to determine our geometries, carbon lay up and construction, design, etc, but ultimately, we have the final say about our frames. They are designed by us for us.
Painting – Your frame is prepared, painted, and finished in North Carolina, U.S.A.
Assembly – Unlike most of our competitors, we receive our Kane frames in their raw states (not painted). They are never pre-assembled with components or parts. All assembly is done in-house.
Restorations – We bring frames back to life.
Carbon Repair – We’ve been involved with carbon since the ’80s.

Our Bikes have Stories. Our customers write them. We work alongside you to create your unique custom painted bicycle and configure your bike to meet your component needs. We do this through superior attention to detail from the frame selection all the way to the type of tire. Jack has over 39 years of industry experience and knowledge. Thus, he has worked with our partners to design a superb and work-horse ready line of carbon, integrated carbon/aluminum, and aluminum bikes. Like you, our bikes are unique. Embrace your Uniqueness. Ride a Kane.


Jack has been building and painting frames for people since the 1970s, but it wasn’t until his son, Jonathan, put a bug in his ear to branch out. In 2001, Jack Kane Custom Racing Bicycles was officially born.

Kane Bicycles isn’t just for the racer. We’re geared towards everyone; the causal road rider through the professional racer. We all ride for our own reasons and we aim to make your experience exceptional. We thrive on superior performance and durability. Thus, we have garnered a lot of attention over the years from our sponsorship of U.S. cycling teams. Through our sponsorships and customer satisfaction, Kane Bikes steadily grew in prominence.

We have made a name for ourselves due to the quality of our machines, but have separated ourselves from other companies due to the artistry of Jack’s professional custom bicycle painting and designing. No two of our bikes are the same.