Jack Kane Bicycles Custom Paint Master Gallery

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Alchemy Carbon - Flip Flop Custom

On top of this cyclist wanting a boutique carbon frame, he wanted an Alchemy that no one else would ever have. A flip flop and exposed carbon Alchemy. (FYI, it's very difficult photographing this paint)

Museeuw - Red with Gold Pearl and Silver

Red with a gold pearl, silver, and black make one eye-catching bike! I'm very proud of the Lion head, I recreated. This is a one-of-a-kind Museeuw.

TIME RXR Ultra Midnight with Gold fork

Contrast frame/fork paint jobs are clean looks. This TIME has a midnight blue, blue pearl finish frame with a gold fork. All the logos are exposed carbon fiber.

TIME Pearl White, Metallic Silver, Black

This cyclist lives in Los Angeles and was looking for a company to repaint her red Time. "I LOVE my Time bike and didn't want to spend $4k for another Time just because I don't like the original red paint job." Zane worked with me on the colors I wanted and advised me on what would look best with my frame. We ended up going with pearlized white with black accents. When my bike arrived, it exceeded my expectations!

Wilier Triestina Cento1 Matte black with Glossy Decals

This is epitome of the \"murdered out\" look. Matte black with glossy logos on this gorgeous Wilier Cento1 bike.

Wilier Triestina Izoard XP - Red Accents

Subtle red accents bring this matte black / grey frame to a whole other level. It's a sleek with selective pop.

Wilier Triestina Izoard XP Custom Painted

Black, red, and pearl white in a sleek and beautiful combination and design. The bike is clean and will make its presence known on the road.

Cervelo R3 Matte Glossy Black

The accent was originally going to be red, but the customer wanted there to be a subtle difference. He went with orange.

Cervelo R3 - Silver Outline

Glossy black with silver outlined logos makes for a clean and unique looking Cervelo. My favorite part? The outlined Cervelo inside the fork blades.

Cervelo R3 Custom Painted Matte Black

The bike was in for a carbon repair and the customer decided to have his bike completely custom painted. Matte black with two interchanging color lines.

Cervelo R3 - Matte Black

The rider wanted a stealth look, but did not want a full black on black look. As a result, we recommended a dark grey, so the Cervelo logos are only slightly noticeable. The matte paint is gorgeous and features an eggshell finish.

Cervelo R3SL - Red, White, Silver, Black

Ferrari red, silver, white, and black.

Cervelo R5 Di2 Retrofit & Custom Paint

A die-hard R5 fan wanted his frame retrofitted for Di2 and was after a custom paint job to fit his style. We internally routed his wires, removed the cable guides, and gave him a sharp paint job.

Cervelo R5 - Matte Black Glossy Logos

We took a customer's repaired frame and made it look brand new. Nothing like cleaning up the work of someone else and delivering a clean paint job.

Cervelo S5 - VeloTron Matte and Glossy

The triathlete wanted a Tron-inspired paint job, but not the typical look you see when you think Tron. The black is matte and the color is glossy.

Cervelo S5 VWD Custom Painted

Why have the same paint job as every one else? The rider sent us his Cervelo S5 VWD straight from the factory to repaint. He was very specific about his shade of green. With the pictures he provided, we created a beautiful emerald green. Check out a beautiful carbon Cervelo S5.

Cervelo S5 - Black on Black with Accent

Black on black is always sharp, but adding the extra color accent elevates the sleekness of these types of paint jobs.

Cervelo SLC-SL: Matte black with grey metallic logos

A little accent can go a long way in making a bike stand out. This rider wanted matte black with grey metallic logos, but with the head tube "e" being red. The final product is sharp!

Cervelo P3 Irish

"Zane, I want people to see me. I like standing out". From there, he let us paint an Irish flag inspired design. Emerald green and the white/orange have a pearl finish.

Cervelo P3C Custom Painted 60th F-150 Truck

What happens when you take a Cervelo P3C and want to match it to a 60th anniversary F-150? This! A dark metallic grey and ebony black with a glass like finish.

Cervelo P3 Matte Black with Jack Kane Wheels

Matte black frame? Check. Matte black wheels? Check. Ghosted metallic grey -- Absolutely. This is a stealthy and quite frankly, bad-ass Cervelo P3.

Cervelo P3 - Super Glossy Black

You can see your reflection -- that's how glossy this beautiful P3 is. The black shines and the white simply pops.

Cervelo S2 Matte black and grey metallic

An outdated painted receives a modern update.

Cervelo S2 - Matte Black

A matte black and dark grey Cervelo S2. Instead of just the "e" on the head tube, the customer wanted the box to be dark grey.

Cervelo S3 - Glossy Black, Grey, Blue

A deep blue stands out amidst the dark grey and glossy black. It displays sleek and sharp well.

Cervelo Soloist Custom Paint

Changed the color of a Cervelo Soloist to white. We also added some special things for the customer. We fabricated the \"SOLOIST-SL\" on the seat stays.

De Rosa Merak Aluminum Restoration

This bike was in very bad shape and the customer wanted to mimic the original paint design as much as possible.

De Rosa Planet - Orange

Oxidation can destroy a frame. Michael came to us to repair, restore, and give his bike a new look. He had an exact color he wanted for his orange and we go it.

Santa Cruz Bronson CC - Classic Flames

Classic flames in matte orange. Matte black and dark silver complement the tongues.

Specialized Tarmac SL3 - Matte Black Glossy Logos

This bike stealth! My favorite part is the glossy "TARMAC" on the top tube. What's your favorite part?

S-Works Tarmac SL3 - Black on Black

When you absolutely love your frame, but it needs some love. Give it a new paint job.

S Works Transition Tribal WoW

A reverse fade on the top tube makes this bike stand apart. ThetTribal accents and a World of Warcraft reference round the design out nicely.

Specialized Transition - Metallic Purple, Blue, Teal

This stunning Transition features glossy exposed carbon and black, but the beauty is in the purple to blue to teal paint fads on the bike. Unfortunately, our camera doesn't pick up the purple, but it's there. Custom HED decals are the icing. This bike is part of the The Real Starky racing team.

S - Works Roubaix Disc - Green Silver Snake

There's no missing this frame and wheels. That was the goal. The rider saw the Kane and Musseuw that had a similar paint job and wanted one for himself.

S Works Ruby - Cheetah with Gold Pearl

Women aren't given a lot of options for paint designs. That's you should come to us. This Specialized Ruby has a tasteful and sleek cheetah design. The black has a gold pearl that shows up in the sun.

S Works Venge - Matte with Glossy Stripe

This matte/glossy combo serves a purpose, not just aesthetics. The customer rides his bike in the trainer and it's easier to wipe away sweat on a glossy top tube than a matte. Let's not kid ourselves though, it looks sweet!

S-Works Venge Matte Carbon Black

Glossy, bright and electric to matte, subdued, and traditional looking.

S Works Tarmac - Keep It Simple

Keep It Simple. Glossy black and white.

Specialized Tarmac Custom Kansas State Polka Dots

A die-hard Kansas State University cyclist wanted to show off team colors while have a very clean polka-dot look. The bike has over 500 dots! It's wicked!

Specialized Tarmac John Deere

Nothing paints like Jack Kane, I mean, runs like a Deere. Glossy black and yellow John Deere racing team.

Specialized Carbon S-Works Custom Paint

Sharp, clean, and different. What\'s not to like about this S-Works?

Specialized Roubaix SL4 - Black, Red, White

One dynamite looking Specialized SL4. Glossy black, white, and red.

Specialized Shiv - White, Blue, Green

The perfect blend of white, green, and blue. The Specialized down tube graphic has a fade transition. This is one Shiv you can't miss.

Specialized Shiv - Blood Red, Silver, Carbon Grey

This has the largest Specialized graphic we've ever painted. It's huge! It's complemented by blood red, carbon grey, and a metallic silver. The silver disappears depending on the angle you look at.

Specialized Shiv - Red, Orange, Yellow, Black Fade

With a frame design like this, there's no need to advertise the brand. He just wanted a clean multi-color fade.

Specialized Shiv Expert Matte Black

Matte black with a subtle metallic grey in the lettering. On the top tube is the Chinese symbol for strength -- something we all desire when on the bike!

Specialized Shiv Amway Corp. Custom Painted

Amway Corporation had us custom paint a Specialized Shiv for them to display at Ironman events.

Specialized S-Works SL3

Asymmetrical paint jobs are rare, but when they happen they are stunning. Here\'s one we did for SORAZ Racing in Oregon on a S-Works frame.

Wake Forest University Cycling Custom Black Gold

What better way to show love for your school? I rode for Wake Forest cycling, so when Reid, a fellow alumni, wanted a Deacon themed bike, I was stoked. A stunning black and gold paint job, built with Campy Record too.

Kestrel KM40 - Custom Painted with SRAM Frog

You have an idea for what you want, you work with us, and we help grow and evolve it for creating the best paint design for you. He's also a die-hard SRAM fan. When he saw the final product, he said it was too beautiful. Another success!

Kestrel 4000

Sometimes you're just sick of what your bike looks like. We have a cure for that -- a new paint job!

Kestrel 4000 - Matte Black Custom Helm

Named the "PainTrain", this racer only rides this bike when he wants to go fast. We designed a simple custom helm on the head tube.

Kestrel 200 SC - Black & Gold & Restored

You love your bike, but the components are old and frame beat up. You come to us. We restore your frame, help you with a new paint job, and build it with modern parts. This is your end result. A thing of beauty that will last another 20 years.

Look 595 - Black on Black

Reducing the graphics and number of logos was the goal of this paint job. Sharp and clean.

Ridley Noah Pro Custom Painted

When you paint a bike pink, it better have style (and the legs to back it up). This bike accomplishes that for sure. Pink with a pearl finish, red, and black. One sweet looking Ridley. It's a beautiful bike inspired by a Baum.

Ridley Damocles RS - Custom Painted

Fine lines, wedges, and select color accents; this Ridley Damocles will be turning lots of heads.

Ridley Noah - Matte Black and Red

A criterium bike needed a new look after years of abuse. We spruced it up with a matte black and red simple paint job.

Pinarello Prince - Deep Metallic Blue, White, Carbon

Before this paint job happened, we had to install and weld a new rear drop out. The cyclist also wanted a braze-on front derailleur instead of a clamp-on. Then, came the beautiful paint.

Pinarello Magnesium AK61 - White and Silver

When you love how your frame rides, but want to change its dated look, a custom paint job is the answer.

Pinarello FM1 & Montello Orange & Black Fade

Whether in transition or on the course, a unique bike gets noticed. This pair of bikes features hard fade lines and subtle exposed carbon accents.

Fuji SL1 - Metallic Blue

Beautiful dark blue with a metallic flake, white logos, and some exposed carbon fiber.

Fuji Gran Fondo - Vietnam Army

A Vietnam Army Veteran's paint job dedicated to when he served.

Fuji D6 - Matte Black and Grey

This rider's frame was prematurely fading due to the fluorescent colors, so he went with the ever-safe, matte black and grey.

Felt - Custom Pink Carbon

Pink with a red pearl, white accents, and exposed carbon. The pearl is hard to see unless in the sun or bright lights, but it adds another dynamic to this tri bike. The exposed carbon on the top tube is sexy. You won't miss this bike in the transition area.

Felt - Clear Coat from Hell

Hell is putting it lightly. This is what happens when a frame sits out in the elements -- clear coat bubbling up and carbon chipping away. Jack deserves serious praise for his finished product.

Trek Madone 6 Series Team Cheetah

Project One what? Here\'s a true custom paint job. Inspired by the cyclist\'s jersey, we created a bike to complement and add some accented cheetah flare.

Trek Project One Domane Camouflage Paint Job

A Project One experience is a one-way design process. So, what happens when you don\'t like it? That\'s what happened here. We gave the rider what he really wanted. That\'s why riders come to us -- it\'s a two-way collaboration. We can give feedback. That\'s the benefit for speaking with a person over a web browser. You come to us to do it right. This matte camouflage finish is awesome!

Trek Speed Concept - Billboard Style

In Your Face Billboard. That's what Derek wanted. A bright green with a cool blue supported by dark grey metallic, white, and black. You know it's a Trek passing you. Did you see the bear?

Trek Speed Concept - Uber Stealth

This bike is stealth. We painted the accessories matte black to ensure this bike sneaks up on its prey during the bike split.

Trek Speed Concept Lightning Bolt Paint

A Speed Concept came in for a carbon repair and the customer wanted a custom paint job. Minimal Trek branding with a lightning bolt.

Trek Speed Concept 9 Custom Matte Black

The goal of the design was to make it look like a \"prototype\". So, the rider wanted a ghosted Trek down tube and a stenciled look for the Speed Concept and numbers. Thus, it appears more industrial.

Trek Project One Gold Pearl

A 2003 Trek Project One needed some love. We have the bike subtle updating and the gold pearl adds a nice touch.

Trek Superfly Black & Dark Silver Leaves

From a distance you may not see the details, but get up close and this bike shows off. When the sun hits the silver, it radiates. Crisp and clean.

Trek Domane Disc - Flip Flop with Silver

Jenny received quite a birthday surprise -- a custom painted Trek Domane. It features a blue/purple flip flop with silver. It's a difficult paint to photograph, but it's sharp.

Trek Madone 5.2 Glossy Black Metallic Grey

Glossy black with dark grey metallic for the logos/text = a super clean and sleek bike. The photos do not do this bike justice. It looks awesome in the sun!

Trek Project One Madone - Dark SIlver

We aren't strangers to repainting Trek Project Ones. Our customers get to work with a person, not a browser. This Trek has the Ford F150 edition dark silver paint with black graphics.

Trek Project One Custom Paint

A rider wanted a new look for his carbon Trek Project One bike, so he came to us. Metallic navy blue with a rich yellow. Check it out!

Trek Project One Restoration

A customer\'s Trek Project One was damaged, so he asked if we were up to the task to restore. We were!

Trek 2000 Custom Green Pearl

Why be boring? Judy wanted something to pop. We laid a green foundation and then used a green pearl which changes the shades depending on the light.

Trek 5000 Series - Average Joe

The rider saw our Kane frames with the crystal paint jobs and wanted the design on his frame.

Trek 5200 Exposed Carbon

The bike is painted for the only rider to ride the Grandfather Mt. Bridge 2 Bridge ride all 24 years. This year is the 25 anniversary. He was having his bike refinished and touched up and wanted to add some custom touches.

Trek 5200 - Black and Blood Red

Glossy black with a gold pearl finish and blood red. From a distance you cannot really tell, but when you get close in the sunlight, it shines. We also painted the wheels to match.

White Trek Madone

A Trek Madone had its paint bubbling up in numerous areas and busted rivnuts. The customer wanted us to restore it. It\'s hard to take pictures of a white bike on a white background!

Trek Lexi - Radioshack Madone Blue

When Trek unveiled the Madone for the \'13 Tour de France, the blue stood out. As a result, this female rider wanted it on her Trek!

Scott Addict Matte & Glossy

The customer had the 80th Campagnolo edition gruppo and wanted the bike to complement it. Thus the carbon grey. The red glossy accents make this bike pop.

Scott Plasma Premium3 - Silver, Blue, Black

A thin blue line makes the perfect accent detail to this frame. The interior stays and fork have the same blue. The matching seat post is icing on the cake!

Scott Plasma Premium 3 - Matte black & silver

Love the bike - hate the paint job? We\'ve hear it all the time. That\'s why customers send us brand new frames for paint work. We paint it for them.

Scott Plasma - Black on Black

This triathlete didn't like the bright yellow colors on his new bike, so he came to us to stealth it out and make it his own.

Scott - Black on Black

The rider asked if we had done black on black before? Oh we had and sent him drool worthy links. His bike now joins the ranks.

Scott Addict Squirrel Moustache

\"Thanks again for making my dream bike look unique just for me!\" straight from the rider whose already put 100s of miles on his bike. Matte black and red with a wicked cool squirrel graphic.

Scott CR1 Pro Custom Painted Metallic Blue

See an awesome frame, but hate the colors? Buy it and then have us paint it. That\'s what Mike did. He wanted metallic blue with white logos and a clean look.

Cannondale Supersix - Green, White, Black

Mark was inspired by a design on a different frame and had us design it for his frame. Glossy black, white, green with gold pearl.

Cannondale Evo SuperSix - Classic Flames

Dave's frame suffered multiple cracks due to a crash. He took that opportunity to get a paint job he really wanted! Classic flames.

Cannondale Slice - Matte Green and Black

Matte green. Matte black paint fade. Dark green graphics. Catches your eyes.

Cannondale Slice - Black on Black

Todd wanted to give his Slice a face lift. He desired the nice and clean look, so we just had branding on the down tube, seat tube, and fork.

Cannondale Synapse - White Green

A white and green design for a rider who cycles in support of someone suffering from Diabetes.

Cannondale Synapse - Oklahoma State Inspired

Orange pearl with a glossy black foundation. An Oklahoma State alumni wanted to display Cowboy pride. All hand laid masks.

Cannondale CAAD9 - Custom Orange Pearl

The last year Cannondale made its CAAD9 in the U.S. So, what better way to keept it alive than to custom paint it? It features a wicked orange with a pearl finish. Depending on the lighting levels (which you'll see), the orange changes its color.

Cannondale Caad 10 Matte Dark Grey & Red

A Missouri rider was stoked to send us his brand new Cannondale Caad 10. He wanted us to paint it matte grey with matte red. This is a very sleek bike!

Cannondale 6 Florida Gator Custom Paint Job

A seat tube carbon repair job turned into a complete custom paint job. It was only a little more to do the custom job. She wanted to show off her school pride!

Cannondal Scalpel - Yellow

Nothing renews a bike like a new paint job and restoring it to near factory spec graphics.

Cannondale Anniversary Surprise

An older Cannondale refurbished and painted for a surprise anniversary gift.

Eddy Merckx Team SC

Your bike has loads of chips, scratches, and dents, but you want it to look new. What do you do? You come to us. A restored and renewed bike awaits.

Merckx Team SC Matte Black

Rob was tired of his super busy Lotto paint job. He was what we did on a previous Team SC and was stoked. He wanted a matte black and white paint job. The icing on the cake? The Easton SC7000 sticker on the seat tube.

Serotta Legend Ti - Tribal Accent

Pearl white, silver, metallic blue all play a pivotal part in make this Legend Ti look renewed and updated.

Serotta Custom - Red

This custom Serotta needed a facelift. The rider wanted red with subtle whites. He asked us what red we recommend and we said red with gold pearl. The white accents are subtle and complement the decals.

Serotta Ti - Matte Black, Red, Exposed Carbon

Can you find the subtle 3k weave carbon highlight? Black and red is a classic look, you can't ever go wrong with this combo. We left the polished titanium drop outs exposed.

Serotta - Glossy black white decals

Sometimes all a bike needs is a modern looking paint job to give it new life. That's what we did here on this Serotta. Glossy black, white decals, and some exposed carbon.

BMC Time Machine - Matte Green

Matte green with a dark green BMC graphic. Matte black paint fade. It's enough to grab your eye, but not be over the top.

RTS - America's Bike

Alvin Graham Jr. rides in honor of military families. This is his bike.

Giant Propel - Matte black and white

Found a frame at a great price? Hate the paint job? Paint it!

Giant TCR - Glossy Black w. Green Gold Pearl

A frame with terrible oxidation came in for new life. We removed the impurities, painted, and made it look new!

Giant TCR - Glossy black with gold pearl

Appearances can be deceiving. You might think this carbon and black bike is simple, but when you get up close and/or see it in the sun, it comes alive. The rider wanted little gold specks that "danced in the light". Little details matter.

Gunnar - Navy U.S. Flag

A Navy Veteran had us paint diamond plate on his bike along with a modern flag design. It's not over the top, it's clean.

Merlin Gold Flip Flop

This bike fades from a white base paint with a gold flip flop to naked titanium with gold flip flop. The customer wanted to compliment his gold Chris King head set.

Klein Mantra - Metallic Blue

A die-hard Klein fan wanted us to match his Mantra mountain bike to his Klein road bike. This is a fantastic metallic blue.

Klein Quantum - Red Pearl with  Silver

Gordon wanted red, I said cool, but that's plain for a Klein. I showed him examples of our red with a subtle gold pearl and he was sold.

Klein Attitude Comp - Purple Metallic with Silver

Our camera makes it look blue, but it's a beautiful purple with a fine metallic and silver graphics.

Klein Pulse II - Red, White, Black

People that own Klein bikes never want to part with them. They are special. We restored this Pulse II and gave it a new look.

Raleigh RXC Disc - Painted like a Revenio

Love your road bike paint job and want your cross bike to match? This Raleigh RXC Disc was inspired by the Raleigh Revenio.

Daniel Dhers Custom Painted BMX Frames

We painted two frames for professional BMXer Daniel Dhers. They were ridden at FISE Montpellier and at X-Games Austin, TX. Collaboration with Guerrilla Bicycle Co.

Haro Carbon Matte Black Grey

Carbon freestyle/BMX bikes are rare so we were excited to see this bike in person.

Orbea Onix The Storm Pink Purple Black

The top tube was splintered and came to us for a repair. She decided she wanted to do a custom paint job at the same time. Black, pink, metallic purple, and white.

Fuji Track Pro _ A Power

Our customer started off with a black and silver bike with subtle branding. Through talking with him and giving him options, I was able to help deliver more than he expected -- A bike that "pops".

Serenity Track Frame - Matte White and black

You can never go wrong with black and white. This paint job is matte and has matching matte white bars.

Jamis Xenith T2 - Black with Red & Gold Pearl

This triathlete had been wanting a custom paint job, but had been putting it off. When he broke his top tube, it was the perfect time to get it painted.

Bikenetic Custom Paint Job

Custom paint job for Bikenetic

Sciencefit.net Custom Paint Job

If you\'re a rider and your potential customers ride, why not brand your bike? If you\'re in Oklahoma, check out sciencefit.net. In the meantime drool over the custom green with silver pearl finish and exposed carbon fiber paint job!

Lemond Matte Carbon Grey

A smooth dark carbon grey matte paint job with white accents and logos give this bike a clean and sophisticated look.

Pivot LES Matte Black Grey

What do you do when you love the frame, but not a fan of the aesthetics? Custom paint it!

Team Haros Custom

A Cannondale CAAD8 customized to a cyclist's own tastes. Red, white, blue, and yellow create a stand-out bike. Not to mention the exposed carbon on the fork we surprised the customer with. The red/blue fade is harder than you think because you don't want purple.

Flat Black Punisher Jamis

Egg shell matte black finish with silver triathlon logos and a Punisher head badge.

Team Velox Rota

Team Velox Rota -- One of top performing MS teams in New England.

Wannabe Riders

Wannabe Riders Against Cancer is a cycling team out of Charlotte, North Carolina. This rider wanted a bike to compliment his team kit. http://www.wannaberiders.com/

Camouflage Beach Cruiser

A custom painted Electra Beach Cruiser that\'s rolling along the streets of California.

Corporate Painted Bicycles - Sense Corp Litespeed

You have to check out some of the detail in this bike! We spent a lot of time plucking and painting the designs on the frame. Metallic blue base.

Corporate Painted Bicycles - Sense Corp Tribal

Pearl white, silver, and metallic blue create a dynamite bike. The tribal designs look clean and sharp.

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