Our Bikes have Stories: Break Free of the Mold

|| Break free of the mold. Stand Out. Add a little flavor. || Three visions I had for my bike.

My bike will catch your eyes. Either you’re going to love it or you’re going to hate it, but what you can’t say is that it’s not authentic. I gave it a story and soul.

A lot of bikes are boring. I’m not saying some don’t look cool, but most are generic. Designs have to appease the masses.

I’ve always had conventional or conservative looking bikes. Some were boring and some were sleek and understated. So, when the time came to design my Kane and give it its own story, I wanted to do the opposite. I wanted to call it my own.

Additionally, I entrusted it to be a motivational tool for me. As I wrote in my post “It’s more authentic to who I am“:

I’ve spoken about my bike’s design quite often and how I wanted it to be unique. I had an insatiable drive for a bike that would be loud. Jack painted it and recommended select components, but I designed it. It’s MY bike. Sometimes it is a training motivator – I cannot be slow and ride this bike. Sometimes it’s my means to clear my head. But, it’s always something I can relate to — no matter how crazy life is, the soothing experience of a bike ride puts everything at ease.

Meeting new people — Racking my bike in Transition, stopping at stop lights, “just riding along” — I have met people and started conversations due to my bike. It’s great. Cycling and triathlon sometimes put people in their own worlds. I’m guilty of it from time to time and so are you. Instead of “nice bike”, people want to know more and we get to talking. Then, when you see them again you can say, “hi”.

Finding my bike — When I’m racing in a triathlon, it’s a cinch to find my bike in Transition. I didn’t want to be the racer lost in T1 because I couldn’t find my bike.

Not to be duplicated — The first time I spent thousands of dollars on a bicycle, it pained me when I saw someone else on the same bike as mine — even though it was a boutique brand. With my design, I see plenty of Kanes on rides, but never one identical to mine. The rider can have the exact same frame, but it doesn’t look the same because every rider’s story about why they ride is different.

Finally, I wanted to have a fun looking bike. That’s my story.

Invest in your Uniqueness. What’s Your Bike Story Going to Be?

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  • SRAM Red Tour de France edition
  • Weight: 17lbs 10z WITH Ultegra pedals & water cages. My bike is LIGHT
  • Profile Design Cobra base bar with T Mag aero bars
  • ISM Adamo Racing 2 saddle
  • Jack Kane carbon tubular wheels