Why Jack Kane Wheels?

Jack has been building wheels since 1968. The wheels Jack builds are for riders seeking dependable, reliable, and every day use carbon wheels. He has seen wheel technology evolve through out the years. These are some of the reasons you should own a pair of his wheels –

  • Wheels built up specifically for you and your riding styles. Instead of riding mass produced wheels that are built to handle a generic range of riders, Jack takes into consideration your weight and riding needs, and curtails them to you individually.
  • Aesthetic Perks – You have the freedom to customize the hubs, spokes, rims, and nipples. Add a little flash to your wheels. We custom paint bicycle wheels too (additional cost).
  • Spend your money where you want to – You can invest money in the hub and less in the spokes for example. There is no settling.
  • Maintenance – Our wheels are not finicky. Meaning, you do not need any out-of-the-ordinary tools to adjust/true your wheels (if necessary)
  • We use Nylock-reinforced nipples by Cane Creek to secure the threads. The benefit for you is that you will not have to worry about spokes loosening.
  • All of our carbon rims are 100% carbon fiber. We do not use cheaper “carbon”, which means there may be layers of fiberglass or plastic.
  • Brake Pads and skewers are included. We’re not nickel and dime-ing you.

Our 38mm clincher/tubular matte 3k carbon wheels have 28 front and 32 back spoke counts. Durability is king on these wheels, yet still light weight. If you are a bigger rider or someone who puts out lots of torque and power, our wheels are for you.

We have wheels currently built. Carbon wheels.