Customer Review: K Team Krono Bike

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K Team Krono Time Trial review

First Let me tell you a little about the build of this bike. Jack Kane personally makes sure that you leave his building with the perfect combination of components to allow you to compete at and beyond anything you could believe possible. This K Team Krono TT bike is equipped with Easton EA90 Carbon Aero forks, Cane Creek SL brakes, Profile Design T2 wings, FSA IS2 headset, SRAM red 55/42 crank, Red 10 speed cassette, Red derailleurs and was ridden on a Cane Creek 58 and Zipp 900 disc. In this review I will try and focus on the abilities of the frame set, not as much on the components.

I first rode this bike on a team triathlon practice, around 19 or so miles. After some saddle adjustments I think I fell in love. I was easily spinning 5-10% more power than I had ever felt on my road bike (Trek 5.2). The multi-dimensional qualities KANE set out to achieve with this frame were very noticeable: low drag, quick handling, snappy acceleration.

A one and one-eighth inch conventional integrated headset offers a welcome nod to widespread serviceability. This flows beautifully into a broad shouldered top-tube that tapers gracefully to the seat cluster. Down-tube and seat-tube are deliberately widened into a broader elongated diamond shape to maximise lateral stiffness while still maintaining aerodynamic efficiency. There is enough brawn in the head-tube and bottom-bracket zone to keep things nicely stout. More applause should be given to the completely rattle-free and hassle-free internal cable routing.

It was quickly apparent that a number of position variations were available. I soon found myself sitting back in the saddle, comfortably behind the pedals, easily flicking the bike in nimble changes of direction. Perfect for power climbing in the saddle, and grinding out long flat windy stretches of road. Quick bursts of speed and sprint efforts were aided by excellent balance and responsive steering, as there was just the right amount of give in the forks and stays to keep the bike smooth and confident when cornering at speed over rough and unpredictable surfaces.

My summary of the K Team Krono is that it comes into its own as a versatile and super-fast ride for anything – from short and hilly triathlons, to 40km time trials, and even Sunday club runs or long hard road races.

-Patrick, North Carolina

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