Customer Review: Jack Kane Battle Axe

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I am on my second Kane bike.. my new trusty steed.

First, I love how everyone recognizes me and remembers me by my bike. I am the only one with the beautiful bike. When we have guest riders, there is always the quick head snap and longer than normal (or safe) glance at me..then my bike as I pass them. The guest rider usually rides up next to me and asks about my bike.

As we hit the rollers and I pass guys much heavier than me going downhill, they usually really take notice. I remember my first bike, dare I say, a Cannondale and the high speed wobble that scared me to death. Thank God nothing happened. But that experience put the fear of descending into my body for a while. I got my Kane and I am happy to report this year I recorded my fastest speed ever 49.5 mph. I could not believe it. Had I known..just .5 mph to hit the big 50; but then, I was not exactly looking at my computer at the time. We had a heck of a tailwind (40mph gusts) and a long line of strong guys pulling. My bike NEVER WOBBLED. I felt so safe, like it was looking out for me. I tell everyone how KANE just likes going downhill. It seems to cut right through the wind and be solid yet stealth.

As my desire to race is growing stronger, My goal is to race in the 45+ State Championships and WIN. I have one year to prepare. I also am preparing for the death Valley Century in October and the Palm Desert Century in Nov. I plan on racing in the fall and was considered to be a Criterium specialist when I raced in Florida as I won 6 races. Now, ready to roll.

-Sharon, California