Will Strava Lead to More Riders Burning Out?

We see it all the time. We experience it ourselves during the worst possible spans. We know it can destroy entire seasons. We know it can affect our mental state. We call it “burn out”. Its hidden accomplice, overtraining / overextending bring dreaded symptoms. Unfortunately, most of the time, we cultivate it upon ourselves. Always hammering the group ride. Undertaking epic weekend excursions. Turning the cranks when we’re sick because we want to “get tough”. Could we be adding the clicking of a mouse and viewing statistics from the extremely popular site, Strava, to the list of culprits?

Let me say, I think Strava is very cool and innovative. The concept and technology is great. I am in no way hounding the technology — it’s not potentially at fault. It will help keep riders motivated and push themselves those extra few watts harder in a given section/interval. Plus, if you like bragging, then this is your Nirvana.

The Question

Do you foresee a higher volume of riders suffering from burn out or over training trying to win coveted Strava KOM spots/points or beating their peers?