Adventures of Flat Stanley: San Diego or Bust Part 1

While Siphiwe, Mike, and myself are certainly popular amongst the athletes, the real star of the show is Castle Hayne Elementary School’s Flat Stanley. On top of being the best dressed guy in the truck, (he wears a tie and cuff links!) he’s keeping us in line and supervising everyone’s bikes.

Here’s what he’s been up to:

Flat Stanley started in Washington, D.C, where we loaded 53 race bikes.

He likes hanging out with the bikes. In this picture, he is standing on what truckers call a “load lock”. It is a long adjustable bar that can be secured vertically or horizontally. This load lock stops the bikes from moving back and forth as we travel down the road.

He started hanging off the bubble wrap like a monkey and waved goodbye as we were about to pack up. Flat Stanley is thankful for Apex Packaging providing his bubble wrap. What can bubble wrap be used for other than packing bicycles? What type of noise does bubble wrap make?

Here he is hanging in the back of the truck as we pass through Indianapolis. What NFL team is home to Indianapolis? Can you name a monument in Indianapolis?

Here we are passing the exit for the University of Missouri-Kansas City Medical School. Why do people go to medical school? What color coats do doctors wear?

Try finding the cities Flat Stanley has been to on a map. Click here for a map. Flat Stanley may give you a shout out for the right answers.

The second letter I received:

Dear Mr. Zane,

Thank you for letting us give you our Flat Stanley. Thank you for showing us another cool bike! Can you please show us the coolest bike you have? Please come and visit when you get back from your trip, so we can play a game. Please keep Flat Stanley safe!
Castle Hayne Elementary School

Have a question for Flat Stanley? Ask him on Twitter ( or in the comment section.

Thanks for reading and Flat Stanley cannot wait to show you more of his adventures!


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