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Jack Kane Battle Axe SL - Houndstooth

A wounded U.S. Marine has used cycling to rehab his body due to his injuries. We worked with Hope for the Warriors to deliver an Alabama themed bicycle.

Team CBC Jack Kane Signature Nighthawk SL

This beats matte black. Red with gold pearl, exposed 3k carbon fiber, white with pearl, a crisp checkerboard pattern, and Dura Ace Di2... Let's not forget the signature down tube.

White, Blue, Green Battle Axe SL

Paul had wanted a Kane for years. When it came to finally getting one, he gave us an idea of design he wanted and the colors and left the rest to us. He now has an uber clean looking Jack Kane.

Oregon Ducks Jack Kane Battle Axe SL

Oregon Duck pride. Playing off school colors and their love of exposed carbon fiber, we designed a sharp Battle Axe SL.

For Sale: Orange & Yellow K Team Racing SL

#793 features a rich orange and yellow paint job with blue graphics. The yellow has a green tint to it. The design is topped off with a fine pearl finish which shines in the sun. Carbon fork with carbon steerer tube. 54cm, $1,349.99 Complete builds available.

For Sale: Metallic Blue & Pink K Team Carbon SL

A stunning deep metallic blue provides a cool foundation for the pink and exposed carbon accents. The carbon has a blue flip-flip over it. 49cm

Battle Axe SL - Glossy & Matte Carbon

Minimalist look. Steal looks with 3k weave matte & glossy carbon paint job. Shimano Ultegra, Rolf Prima Wheels. 16lbs 4oz.

For Sale: K Team Carbon SL - Flip Flop Shaes

1E Super Light aluminum with carbon rear stays. Th main triangle has a lighter flip flop and the front fork and rear stays have a darker shade. It glistens in the sun.

For Sale: 783 K Team Carbon - Silver and Red

Fine silver metallic and red come together for a classic look. Shimano 105 11speed, Shimano RS31 wheels. $2,099.99

K Team Carbon: Matte Black w. White

A K Team Carbon with a matte black and white pinstripe paint job. A classic look.

For Sale: Black w/ Magenta Crystal K Team Carbon

Women bikes should be allowed to have attitude too. This Kane does just that -- glossy black with a crystal style paint job. $2,799.99

Electric Green Crystal

New paint effect: Crystals! This is black with electric green crystals. Ultegra 11 speed and FSA K Wing carbon wheels.

For Sale: 773 Kane Carbon Krono

Exposed 3k weave carbon with sharp lined color fades. Painted carbon bars to match the frame. SRAM Force/Rival parts with Profile Design wheels.

Kane Krono - Matte black / Ghosted graphics

This rider kept breaking carbon frames, so he needed a sturdy and bomb proof frame. That's why he came to us. On top of that, this Kane was shipped to Guam. It set a new record for distance a Kane has been shipped.

Nighthawk SL - White, Red Crystals, Black

When you start from scratch, you're able to have all the part match and complement the frame. That's what we did with this one. Enjoy.

Polished Aluminum Chain Jack Kane

A K Team Carbon frame with a polished aluminum chain design on the top tube. The chain/seat stays are carbon fiber. Glossy black, silver, and exposed carbon.

Irish Inspired Jack Kane Nighthawk SL

Steve was so impressed with his Cervelo paint job that he wanted a Jack Kane. As he put it, "For anyone wondering about buying a Jack Kane Bike, my question is, why haven’t you purchased one yet? It will be the best bike buying experience you will ever have."

Black On Black with Glossy Green

The 2014 Charlotte NODA Grand Prix winner wanted a black on black design with touch of color. It's the first Kane we've done a contrasting finish other than the logos. The color is a pearl green.

770 Marine Corps. Hope for Warriors

A U.S. Marine Corps. & Hope for the Warriors themed Kane. The Greek letters on the seat tube are for his fallen Brothers. They face the rear because they always have this Soldier's back. Beautiful bicycle.

Black Ops Jack Kane Nighthawk

This is a murdered our Jack Kane. It's also the first bike to ever have the signature as the down tube logo.

Light Blue with Blue Pearl Finish K Team Carbon Sl

A calm blue with a darker blue pearl finish. There's exposed carbon inside the fork blades, seat stays, and chain stays. Finally, touched with white accents and the sought-after Jack Kane signature. Lighter than a lot of carbon frames at 15lbs 10oz. #769

#522 Paint Fade Carbon Krono

3k weave carbon with a simple and clean paint fade. The Easton EC90 Aero fork even had a 3k weave.

#768 Jack Kane Matte black and gold

Matte black and gold. Are you jealous yet?

NC State Custom Jack Kane Battle Axe SL

Jimmie cracked his old carbon bike and instead of repairing it, designed his own NC State themed bike. The bell tower is an icon and the Wolfpack in exposed carbon fiber is sexy! We took his components from his old bike and he's ready to go!

Virgina Tech inspired Jack Kane Nighthawk

A Virgina Tech alum wanted to show of his school colors with a prominent paint fade. The stone inside the stays represents a building on a campus and the exposed carbon is just sexy!

#766 Glossy black with red fork

Only $625

764 Matte Black & Pink Kane Carbon Krono

\"I want my bike to scream girly and be really flashy... one of a kind... \" Matte black and pink with carbon accents around the frame, custom pink decals for the wheels, and Dura Ace 9000.

763 - Jack Kane Matte Black with Celeste Green

Matte black with Celeste green on a Kane K Team Racing SL frame

#762 Hawai\'i Inspired Triathlon Bike [Remix]

You know your have a great TT frame when a rider drools for another -- that\'s what happened here. Instead of a bright color fade, this time the rider wanted exposed carbon fiber and select color accents and ghosted Hawaiian creatures.

For Sale: BikeRoar Nighthawk SL Review Bike

Read BikeRoar\'s review of our Nighthawk SL. Crazer paint, pearl finish, exposed carbon, and pinstripes. Only on a Jack Kane will you find personalization like this all the way to the handlebar tape. It\'s a bike you won\'t forget.

#759 Carbon Krono Tri Bike

Ever since John came into our showroom, he\'s yearned for a Kane. When the time was right he upgraded from his Cervelo P2. We partnered up and designed one fantastic and sleek carbon tri bike. Did I mention it only weights 18lb 09oz?!

"Pink Lady" Carbon Battle Axe

One of the coolest look women\'s bikes ever paint. It features extremely tight masked lines, gorgeous pink to purple fades, radiates with a pearl finish, and has plenty of exposed carbon to go around. The icing on the cake? It has flowers on the top tube and inside the fork blades. Weighs in at 15lbs 1oz.

#757 Jack Kane Nighthawk

He wanted a red, white, and exposed carbon fiber design. He was inspired by another bike in our gallery and desired a bike similar to it. Can you figure out which bike is was?

Battle Axe SL 755 - I Want a Bad Ass Bike

When he came into our shop, he wanted to go all out. He wanted a bike his friends were going to be like, \"Dude, that is awesome\".

Hidden Di2 Battery Nighthawk SL

Where\'s the battery? Shimano Ultegra Di2 carbon Jack Kane Nighthawk SL with very sleek paint.

752 Aluminum Ultegra Flip Flop Paint

Aluminum time trial frame with flip-flop paint. The colors change from blue to green to purple depending on the angle you look at the bike. Ultegra 6700 gruppo.

For Sale: K Team Carbon 751 Cobweb

K Team Carbon with cobweb paint, flip flop, and multiple colors.

Purple Battle Axe SL 753

Purple is the name of the game for this rider. She now rides a purple K Team Carbon SL and a purple Battle Axe SL!

Jack Kane Triathlon Argyle Bike, #749

Argyle: It can be tricky and can be tacky if not done artistically. Jack was up to the challenge and dominated it. We wanted to incorporated the carbon fiber into the weave to give it some accents. This K Team Carbon Krono shows off a very sleek argyle theme amongst other special personal details. The blue base has a pearl finish that, when in the sun, lightens to a beautiful robin egg blue and reflects very tiny flicks of titanium

For Sale: Electric Green and Blue Nighthawk SL

Our top of the line high mod carbon Nighthawk SL bicycle with Campagnolo Record, Reynolds Carbon tubular wheels, Profile Design Cobra carbon handlebar. It weighs in at 13lbs 14oz. It is one of the lightest road bikes out there. Call us, 910.455.1011

Endurance Films Racing Team TT Bike, #748

2011 Endurance Films Racing Team Triathlon Bike. This amazing bike has a DVD disc wheel and the front wheel creates an optical illusion of an old film reel while spinning.

The Citadel, Military College Inspired Carbon Battle Axe

A 1970 Citadel alumni pays tribute to his college. Commonly referred to as \"The Citadel Bike\", we looked at the colors, uniforms, and overall feel of the College and Jack created this design. We can design a bike to express your college/university pride! http://www.citadel.edu/

Jack Kane Kona / Hawaii Inspired Carbon Time Trial Bike

A 19x Ironman pays tribute to Kona, Hawai\'i, and Ironman World Championships with this full carbon triathlon frame. Triathletes love standing out from the sea of same-ness, so should your bike. This design has lots of tribal art, floral patterns, and aquatic life.

Jack Kane Funky/Abstract Carbon Time Trial Bike

This bike wants to stand out and it does. You cannot hide when riding this abstract, alien-like, and colorful triathlon bike. Everything except the decals is paint. He happens to be a huge 311 fan too.

For Sale: #743 Flame Battle Axe SL

For SALE: This is super light, ride-ready machine weighs in at only 13 lbs 7oz. $8,395.88. Full Carbon, full SRAM Red, Kane Custom Carbon Tubular 38mm Wheels. Call today: 910.455.1011

#729 White Orange K Team Carbon SL

Simple and sleek, yet it stands out more than you realize on the road.

College Themed Triathlon Bike

This triathlete wanted to pay tribute to his school.

\"Pearl\" Battle Axe

This rider is so full of life and fun that her design suits her personality so well! This is \"Pearl\"

#720 Battle Axe SL

Lots of exposed 3k weave carbon fiber with a beautiful range of color flares.

679 - Battle Axe SRAM Force

Talk about a perfect surprise for your wife!! That's what a Kane customer did for his.16lbs 5oz SRAM Force carbon Jack Kane Battle Axe.

The \"Ninja Creamsicle\" #511

One of our customers coined the name for this bike. This bike features hot greens in the paint, tires, and handlebars. It stands apart from others on the track / velodrome.

Snakeskin Aluminum Triathlon Bike #519

This K Team Krono has a special paint that when in the sun, tiny silver and blue flecks sparkle in the blue areas.

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