Finally Meeting and Shaking Hands

I often write about how Kane bikes have stories; how every bike is unique, and how every bike we create for a rider has meaning. It’s all because of our customers. This post is no different, except that it’s about the relationships we have with our riders. Some customers know exactly what they want and say, “Paint it!” Others can take a couple months discussing the designs and parts. It doesn’t matter to me how short or long it takes. I love what I do. The goal Jack and I have is to help design the best bike you can imagine (if you need some ideas, we can help!). I’m not trying to be overly sentimental. When you work with us, you’ll know it’s genuine. For me, one of my bigger frustrations is not always being able to meet our riders face to face.

I wrote about John D.’s Kane bike over a year ago. He knew the moment he saw one of our bikes in 2011, it was meant to be. John and I worked together for awhile. When his bike was ready, he drove over four hours to pick it up, but I was out of town. So, he was able to meet Jack, but not me. John and I kept in touch from time to time.

Two years later, on a rainy day in May of this year, I finally met John. One of the organizations he had dedicated his bike to was doing its ride and passed through our city. I was able to meet him, shake his hand, and hear about his love and excitement for the bike. When people still rave about their purchase years later, it’s rewarding. It’s special and it’s meaningful.

While Jack and I may not meet you face to face, if there’s a chance for paths to cross, they will. That’s why I love it when riders send me photos and update on what they’re doing with their Kane.

Embrace Your Uniqueness.

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