USAT Nationals Part II: Dawn of a New Day

When we last left off, our Jack Kane Pit Crew was driving off into a sunset and while movies may end this way, this is the real world, and a triathlon race weekend at that.

Part II: Dawn of a New Day


Day 3: Expo All Day, Jeff: Reloaded, Jack Kane Domination, Calm Before the Storm

Friday was a lot of fun. We woke up, tried to savor some spectacular zucchini bread, muffins, coffee, and embarked on our mini-adventure to the expo.

Can I go sailing instead??

The ferry ride was very relaxing (Probably because we knew it was going to be the last time we had down time!) The drive into Burlington was smooth-sailing, and we arrived at the expo a little before nine am. It gave us an hour to set-up. Today was the official unveiling of the Endurance Films Racing Team bike.

Jeff was so busy yesterday he never had a moment to walk around the expo and explore. Thus, we were planning on him having some “free time”…. that didn’t happen. We knew a couple more bikes needed to be built up and a couple more issues needed to be rectified. Well, of course, when any triathlete sees a bike mechanic, a line begins to form. It was tough having to tell people we couldn’t help them because we were supporting one team. You don’t want that bad karma, but at the same time, that’s what is so special and spectacular about what Endurance Films is trying to accomplish.

The EFRT, while not professionals, still received treatment as if they each were, and that was pretty grand.

We helped non-team members when we could. We answered questions, pumped up tires (We weren’t that elitist!), and did minor work (with the condition that they talked to the Endurance Films guys!!). Eventually, Jeff did find blissful solitude exploring the expo.

Of course, the one team photo I have is blurry and you can barely see the bike...


This bike garnered a lot of attention. I'm not yelling at her, I swear!

Working expos are a lot of fun. Meeting like-minded individuals who love endurance sports and love (read: obsess over) physical fitness are great to talk to (however, I always leave conversations feeling a lot slower…). Our bikes are eye-catching. People stop in their tracks. It’s a great “problem” to have. It’s even better when athletes with the last name of “Kane” see our bikes. It happened twice.

Our booth set-up in conjunction with Endurance Films attracted quite the traffic. The ride training series Endurance Films was showing off on a flat screen drew lots of attention, compile that with a time trial bike with a DVD disc wheel, and it was a recipe for success. Every-now-and-then someone would hop on the Endurance bike and spin to attract some attention and we’d be swamped. From 10 am to about 2:30/3:15pm, we were going non-stop; We could have given the Energizer Bunny a run for his money. The only frustrating thing was (and it’s not bad in the long-run) was the statement “I just bought a new bike; I wish I had known about you guys”. It’s both good and bad.

Aside from the top professional teams we have sponsored, we have never heavily advertised our company. Fortunately, we’re positioning ourselves for huge growth. Seeing athletes go wide-eyed when they see our bikes and becoming enamored about designing their very own Kane is sensation. Add on the fact our bikes have been proven by our professional teams, cements us up with the Big Boys (with .00001% the budget!)

I am so very fortunate to work for a company that allows every single rider to custom design and choose every component to their bike. We are determined to return individuality to an industry that willingly accepts being bland. When a grown adult becomes excited like a child on Christmas, it’s sublime.

As the expo died down and the EFRT headed to the race site to do a photo and video shoot, I was told by a couple of people we had the busiest booth of the vendors there. Yes! Once we arrived at the race site, I won’t lie, I felt pretty cool to be a part of this team concept. As I watched the finely trained triathletes at Age Group National Championships being watched by all those other athletes wondering what was going on, I felt honored. Matching kits, cameras, the whole nine. Wicked good! My camera decided to go all black and white on me, so bear with the photos. I’ll pass it off as “artistic”.

That's a lot of bikes!



!Ay, caramba! Ate.It.All.

After we scoped out the race site, it was time for dinner! It was time for Mexican. It was time for beer. For once I was not racing, so I could eat what I wanted (and we knew the restaurant would be empty as no (sane) triathlete would eat Mexican before a race). Next time you’re in the Vermont area, try the beer Switchback. It’s tasty.

I cannot remember if it was a 4:15 or 4:30 am wake-up call for us, but race day was tomorrow and we had to be somewhat rested. Off to bed.

Thank you for reading part II. While the events of part II were slower paced, part III promises to live up to all the hype. We have a US senator, a Subway dude, a Team USA qualification story, and so much more!

The Final Sunset before WAR!

As we were dining another gorgeous sunset was being bestowed upon us, so I meandered to a balcony and shot some photos. It was the calm before the storm.

“Part III: Race Day” is in the works.

The Sun is All but Gone


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