Endurance Films Racing Team Bike Design

The design and build-up process of the K Team Carbon Krono triathlon bike for Endurance Films.

The Disc Wheel:
We needed a completely flat wheel for the design we settled upon for the bike. Thus, Renn’s 5ive 5ive 5ive wheel came into the picture. Frank, at Renn, was very nice to work with, so if you’re in the market, check them out. Here is the before photo of the wheel before it under went its new design.

8/12 – The wheel is done and it looks amazing. We cannot wait to unveil it (oh, and the bike too). Here’s a sneak peak:

The Front Wheel:
8/10 – We got the front wheel in today. Here it is before we get to work on the design!

The CockPit:
Thus far, we have some Profile Design and Ritchey components.
Don’t trip on the cables!

The Custom Designed Triathlon Bicycle:
The decals have been made. These bad boys are hot off the press!

Can’t really see them? Well, that is because they have transfer tape on them for the time being. When we apply the decals to the frame, we rub them down with a squeegee to stick it on, and remove the tape.

The complete bike was unveiled during the USAT Age Group National Championship Weekend in Burlington, Vermont, August 18-20, 2011.

Click here for the official gallery

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