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Corporal Michael Politowicz, United States Marine Corp


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About Mike:

Currently serving at Camp Lejeune North Carolina at Wounded Warrior Battalion-East, Michigan resident Marine Lance Cpl. Michael Politowicz, 30, is determined. Even then, saying he is determined is an under statement.

He enlisted in the Marine Corps ten years ago, but was medically discharged after he suffered anaphylactic shock when fire ants bit him during basic training. The Marine Corps said they would let him back in if a civilian doctor cleared him for service.

Most people would say, “Okay, I gave it a shot. Let’s see what else is out there”, but that wasn’t good enough for Mike. Being a Marine was in his blood. Having no insurance and expecting no help, he set to go after his dream of being a Marine. He worked as a welder and machinist to earn medical coverage. Once his medical insurance began covering his treatments and testing, he knew he was making great strides to reaching his goal.

It took over six years to be cleared. His motivation?

My grandfather was a Marine who fought at Iwo Jima during World War II. His influence was huge,” said Michael.

Michael enlisted in 2010, knocked Basic training out of the park, and was deployed to Afghanistan last March. He had done it — goals achieved.

While on foot patrol with the 2nd Combat Engineering Battalion in Sangin, Afghanistan, April 5, he was wounded when a tripwire IED exploded about three feet from where he stood. He was hit with 105mm artillery shells, was catapulted twelve feet in the air, and slammed into the ground.

Michael suffered a traumatic brain injury and severe injuries to his arm and wrist in the blast, earning him the Purple Heart Medal. He experiences memory lapses and post traumatic stress disorder, for which he has been medically cleared to serve, but is waiting for his wrist and arm to heal.

This hasn’t stopped Michael. If anything, he has elevated his drive for everything in his life. He’s focusing on healing his injuries and working to stay in the Marines. He’s not alone this time though, Semper Fidelis Health & Wellness found Michael. They are helping him complete occupational therapy over the next six months, and hoping he is healed and combat ready. His positivity is contagious and his never-back-down-attitude cannot be matched.

There is something different and special about the program he has joined. TEAM Semper Fidelis Health & Wellness has the honor of providing Michael with Personal Training, Yoga, Holistic Health & Nutrition Education in preparation for Competitive Racing Events, which ultimately reconnects and integrates him back into society. They focus on all aspects of life when it comes to physical and mental health, which gives our Wounded Veterans an amazing and uplifting environment.

Yoga and juicing nutrition strategies? These are not thought of when one thinks of a Marine, but it’s just the ticket. It provides additional outlets for our veterans to heal and it pushes them in a way they are not used to being pushed.

Please join the ranks of those that are making a difference by supporting Michael as he trains and competes. You don’t have to have been a Marine to support Semper Fidelis. Provide what you have to give. Utilize your skill set. Everybody and Everything Matters. Find your spot to SERVE. Find something to give back to those who paid the most. FREEDOM ISN’T FREE.

By rallying in support of Michael and SFH&W, show our injured and ill servicemen and women that they are not forgotten. The funding and awareness that is raised by the WARRIOR ATHLETE Program is an integral part of the support SFH&W needs to accomplish its mission.

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