Specialized Bikes Custom Painted by Jack Kane

Here’s a collection of Specialized and S-Works road / triathlon bikes we’ve painted. If you’re looking to give your steed a new look, we’re the shop for you.

S-Works Ruby – Glossy black with a gold pearl, gold, and a cheetah print design

S-Works Roubaix – Glossy Green and Silver Snakeskin

Specialized Roubaix SL4 – Glossy black, white, and redy

Specialized Tarmac SL3 – “Black on black” Matte black and glossy black

S-Works Tarmac – Glossy black and white. The timeless look

S-Works SL3 – Glossy white with a red asymmetrical paint job

S-Works SL3 – Glossy white with a red asymmetrical paint job

Specialized Tarmac – Glossy black and yellow for a John Deere team

Specialized Tarmac – Silver, black, and purple with a violet pearl for a Kansas State graduate

S-Works Transition – Glossy black and red fade with a reverse fade and World of Warcraft

S-Works Venge – Matte black and glossy with white logos

S-Works Venge – Matte carbon grey, blood red, and a light red

Specialized Shiv – Glossy white, bright green, and cool blue

Specialized Shiv – Blood red, carbon grey, dark silver

Specialized Shiv – Glossy paint fade from red to orange to yellow to black

Specialized Shiv

Specialized Shiv – Matte black and dark grey metallic


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  1. I have a Specialized Roubaix, white and black. I was interested in your black red and white paint selection. How long does it take? What is an approximate price?

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