Light & Stiff Frame that Delivers

carbon bicycle


  • Full High-Modulus Carbon Fiber
  • Carbon Drop-outs with Alloy Faces
  • Tube to Tube Construction
  • Massive Over-sized Tubing
  • Unified Chain Stays

Explosive jumping, agile climbing, dominant sprinting, and delivering you to the final kilometers in better shape than others — sound like a bike you want to ride? Say hello to our Nighthawk SL. The heart of the frame is comprised of sleek no nonsense over-sized tubes supported by a beefy bottom bracket. The frame is complemented with carbon drop-outs and independent dual stays all the way to the seat-tube — it’s a racing machine.

While the Battle Axe SL is constructed for a softer ride, the Nighthawk SL hones in on quickness. Both sprinters and climbers have praised the bike as one of the most race-worthy steeds out there. Our rear triangle is designed to maximize race-responsiveness. Demand a crisp turning bike? Straight seat stays allow you and your bike to flow and track through corners better while limiting speed loss. Benefit — you don’t waste as much energy sprinting out of them. The stiffness is not back-breaking nor should it, but performance comes first with this frame.

Our philosophy with carbon drop-outs with alloy faces: Racers, in particular, need fast repairs, it needs to be repaired as quickly as possible to race again. Thus, if a rider was to ever crack a drop-out and resources were near, he could repair, wrap with carbon, and be on his racing way. We do all carbon repairs in-house. We would hate for you to have to replace an entire bike due to that crack. Thus, we try to make it as easy as possible for bikes to be repaired and keep customers from spending thousands of dollars on a new bike.

The bike does an excellent job of dampening the road vibrations. I barely notice the bumps on this bike when riding over rough roads. I recently had to ride through a four-mile stretch where the top layer of pavement was missing as the road crew was preparing to re-pave the road. These sections can make a freshly chip-and-sealed road seem like smooth pavement! However, on this bike it wasn’t a problem at all. My hands didn’t go numb, and I never felt like I was losing control and had to have a white-knuckle grip on the bars – it really does a good job on the rough stuff! In all, I am loving the Nighthawk SL! It has exceeded my expectations thus far – in both appearance and performance. ~BikeRoar

bikeroar jack kane nighthawk sl review

Frame Full high modulus carbon fiber with 3k weave
Fork Enve, 3T, etc
Paint Custom painted in North Carolina
Components Shimano, SRAM, Campagnolo, etc
Seat Tube 31.6mm
Bottom Bracket Threaded Standard/English
Wheels Shimano, Zipp, Mavic, Rolf Prima etc
Sizes 47, 50, 53, 56, 58, 60
Weight We provide weight for each rider. There are no industry standards for weight.
Ordering Frameset: $2,999.99 (frame, fork, paint job) – Builds start under $4,000. Let’s get started! Email



Size Seat Tube Angle Head Tube Angle Top Tube Length (cm) Head Tube Length (mm) Seat Tube Length (cm) Rear to Center (cm) Front to Center (cm) Bottom Bracket Drop (cm) Wheel Base (cm)
47 75.0 71.0 51.1 110 47.0 40.5 57.4 6.8 97.0
50 74.5 72.0 52.8 120 50.0 40.5 58.0 6.8 97.6
53 73.5 72.5 54.8 150 53.0 40.5 58.7 6.8 98.2
56 73.5 73.0 55.9 160 56.0 40.5 59.4 6.8 98.9
58 73.0 73.0 57.4 180 58.0 40.5 60.4 6.8 100.0
60 73.0 73.5 58.5 200 60.0 40.5 61.0 6.8 100.5