New Bern, NC Jack Kane Bicycle Interviews – The New Bern Bear’s Bike Shop

Based out of The Bicycle Shop at 909 N. Marine Boulevard in Jacksonville, NC, Jack Kane Custom Racing Bicycles is quite popular with New Bern riders (and bears). The owner, Jack Kane, has over thirty eight years of industry experience. Unlike most bike shops, he has has full machine shop where he can do a lot of things other bicycle shops cannot. His staff and mechanics have taken their years of experience and continually prove time and time again they are the best bicycle shop in Eastern North Carolina.

We take care of our New Bern riders, so come on down and begin to design your very own custom Jack Kane bicycle. We work with you to create a bicycle no one else can ever have. The service, support, and guidance we provide you is exceptional. We will help make you a better rider.

We want to be your New Bern Bicycle Shop. We want to make you the ENVY of your riding buddies.

[hr] Want to join in on the fun?? Send us photos, upload videos, etc of your Kane bike with famous monuments and things special to your city.

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