Jack Kane Bicycles Custom Paint Master Gallery

  • Vintage & Boutique Restorations
Bob Jackson Steel Frame

This is a rare frame. When Bob Jackson was very prominent during the bike boom, it was over a two year wait for him to build you a frame. This rider restored his in Ferrari red, creme, and gold decals.

Bob Jackson

Black and gold go so well together. This Bob Jackson has the head tube and seat tube in gold while everything else is black.

Trek Vintage - Restoration Campagnolo Drop Outs

One of the early day Treks. So early that the drop outs were Campagnolo. We were tasked with restoring it. Along the way we found original Campy grips and jockey wheels because the originals were rotted and cracked.

Trek 600 Series - Restoration

Nothing beats giving your bike from back in the day a new life.

Trek 600 Series - Light and Dark Metallic Brown

You don't see dark brown very often on bikes, but the brown we used is dynamite. In the sun the flake catches many colors.

Trek 610 - Restoration

What happens when your favorite bike is on its last legs? We showed the rust who was boss on this frame and restored this steel frame to its original glory.

Trek - Metallic Purple Burgundy

A deep metallic purple with a red pearl lightly adding depth to the burgundy.

Heron Steel Touring Frame

Making a customer's main bike for decades look like new. This Heron has a light metallic blue paint job with creme accents and black branding.

Bottecchia Steel Bike Restoration

Revitalizing an old steed for new adventures! Pearl white with factory-style decals.

Harry Quinn Restoration

Harry Quinn Restoration. This bike has a lot of history. Read the story at:

Hooker Elite Time Time Frame Restoration

A customer found a rare gem on Craig\'s List -- a Hooker Elite TT frame. We restored it and painted it a pearl white.

1985 Skyway Streetbeat

We\'re not BMX riders, but when we learned what we were painting, we were stoked! Nothing like painting a piece of history.

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