K Team Carbon SL

Lava Lamp Bicycle


  • 1E Super light aluminum
  • 3k weave carbon seat and chain stays
  • Corners like a demon in criterium racing

The refined and smooth traits of the carbon ride blended with the stiff and durable aluminum spawned our top of the line carbon/aluminum racing animal. Like the K Team Racing SL, the resume of successes continues to grow.

Our aluminum required two years of research and development with our partners to acquire the right ride, has proven to be worth the wait. With custom drawn tubing, tripled butted for maximum weight savings, and an aluminum alloy that is 15% stronger and 20% more fatigue resistant than standard 6061 aluminum, earns the Kane name. The carbon fiber, which sports 3k carbon fiber seat and chain stays, helps reduce road vibrations that can take its toll on a rider after a long day in the saddle or the fast corners in a crit. The frame is ultra-light with exceptional ride quality. This frame has a short head tube for two main reasons: 1) a shorter head tube reduces the amount of flex in that area, and 2) provides the right balance of weight to the front wheel, which gives you that cornering dominance and responsive steering. For those wanting the pureness of aluminum, but the refinement of carbon, look no further than the K Team Carbon SL.

The bike is perfect for criteriums, duathlons, and rides that require a nimble machine.

Frame 1E Superlight Aluminum
Fork Multiple Options
Paint Custom painted in North Carolina
Components Shimano, SRAM, Campagnolo
Seat Tube 27.2mm
Bottom Bracket Standard/English
Wheels Shimano, Zipp, Mavic, Reynolds, etc
Sizes 49, 52, 54, 57, 59, 61
Price Complete bikes start at $2,599
Weight We provide weight for each rider. There are no industry standards for weight.
[quote cite=”Pez Cycling”] The bike is fast and responsive — the geometry dictates it — with the right amount of stiffness to never lose the feeling of razorlike steering response. And it’s stable — even descending at speeds up to 75kmh, there was never a hint of speed wobble. Cornering the bike is direct and confident — it holds the line and even let me relax for a second, knowing it’ll go where I expect it.” ~ Article on our SL

k team carbon series feedback

k team carbon series feedback 2


Size Seat Tube Angle Head Tube Angle Top Tube Length (cm) Head Tube Length (mm) Seat Tube Length (cm) Rear to Center (cm) Front to Center (cm) Bottom Bracket Drop (cm) Wheel Base (cm)
49 75.0 72.5 50.6 115 49.0 40.8 57.0 7.0 96.7
52 74.0 73.0 52.7 120 52.0 40.8 57.5 7.0 97.2
54 73.0 73.0 54.6 125 54.0 40.8 58.0 7.0 97.7
57 72.5 73.5 56.2 135 57.0 40.8 58.5 7.0 98.2
59 72.5 74.0 57.4 145 59.0 40.8 59.0 7.0 98.7
61 72.5 74.0 58.1 160 61.0 40.8 59.5 7.0 99.2