Irish Themed Jack Kane Nighthawk SL Road Bike

I’ll let Steve do the talking in this post:

The bike arrived yesterday and I have to tell you I got misty eyed when it was finally unwrapped. What an incredible bike. It is truly one of a kind. No one else in this world has one like it. It is the most beautiful bike I have seen bar none. Jack is amazing.
Initial impressions: WOW! You packed this thing to be bomb proof and survive direct SCUD rocket hits. It took me 45 minutes to unwrap it but when I did I was astounded at what Jack had done! Amazing. You also shipped it so all I needed to do was install the pedals and bars. EASY! Once put together I couldn’t help but go for a short ride even though it was dark. When I got on it my first impression was, WOAH, this bike is fast! It is long and low and comfortable. I want to thank you for the best buying experience I have ever had. Your communication throughout the whole process was incredible. You worked with me to truly design a one of a kind bike. I got to pick exactly what I wanted and the end result is astounding. Count me as one of your satisfied customers. I am looking forward to building a tri bike in the future. For anyone wondering about buying a Jack Kane Bike, my question is, why haven’t you purchased one yet? It will be the best bike buying experience you will ever have.


After a few more rides:

Zane, this is the sweetest riding, best cornering bike I have ever ridden. I love the way it corners like a European car. It is more comfortable than any bike I have ridden. In addition, while absorbing road vibration, I still get tactile feedback keeping me in touch with the surface. I would compare the sensation to the difference between driving a Maserati vs. driving a Lincoln. While Jack’s paint job is unequalled, one of a kind and beautiful, the true joy of this bike is the design and functionality behind the frame which translates to the ride. In short, the ride is astounding! This is a fast bike with a pedigree. Please be sure to thank Jack for me!


Check out the images below: