Specialized S-Works Tarmac Paint Touch Up

When a rear derailleur rips off, it is typically bad news. If you’re fortunate enough not to take a tumble, your seat and/or chain stays may suffer a different fate. Bob was lucky that only his paint had been chipped by the chain and derailleur. However, his bike was so new, he wanted his baby looking the part. That’s why he came to us.

Since the paint chipped, it required body work so it would look level and smooth once painted. After that was done, we matched the dark silver and the fluorescent inspired green/yellow on his Specialized S-Works Tarmac.

Once he saw his frame renewed, he sent me this, “I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to you and Jack Kane for the beautiful touch-up painting you did on my damaged bicycle. Neither I nor anyone in the ship could determine where the damaged sections were located. That’s pure testimony to Jack’s painting skills. He’s a true master at what he does so very well. Thank you very much for your kind consideration and professionalism throughout this process. My bike looks great, just like the day it arrived from the factory. I couldn’t be happier.”