end caps break carbon top tube

Quick Way to Protect Your Bike’s Carbon Top Tube

We will never be able to fully eliminate risk. There is always a chance of something bad happening. However, we can take steps in reducing risk. For example, cracking a carbon top tube due to your handlebars swinging around is a ridiculous reason to need a carbon repair. Unfortunately, it happens. Most of the time, we see a top tube break from a crash and the handle bars whipping around. The way a Cannondale Synapse came in for a repair was worse; the handlebars smacked the top tube while the bike was being taken off the roof rack.

The frame arrived and we started our repair. After the work was done and we were assembling the bike, we noticed her handlebar end caps. The bar plugs were metal and heavy. Now, imagine when your handlebars swing around (especially if in a crash) with unnecessary weight. It’s not good. The momentum the bars carry is like a hammer. Hammers and carbon aren’t like peas and carrots.

Innocent carbon top tubes rarely stand a chance. We did our part to help reduce the chance of this happening again by replacing the plugs with lighter and softer plastic ends.

Not quite the hammer of Thor, but can still cause damage.

Not quite the hammer of Thor, but close.

Here’s how you can reduce the chances of your handlebars cracking your top tube: Check your end caps. If they are metal, change them out. Why increase the risk of damaging your frame if your bars swing around? They’re lighter too. A couple dollar swap out is better than a few hundred dollar repair!