Black Ops: “Moonlight” Jack Kane One-of-One

Would you believe that when Matt and I first started talking about his bike, he wanted bright colors?! He was gunning for serious flash. As if his neon cycling shoes and socks weren’t enough, he wanted something else to complement his style. So, how did we do a 180 and arrive at the most murdered out bike we’ve seen?

As Matt and I further discussed his design, he wanted a complete concept and for it to be something we had never done before. Thus, the plan for a wild paint job shifted. (Don’t worry, we’re always game for wild paint jobs). He wanted his bike to make a statement. A complete concept means everything flows together — components, wheels, and frame. We arrived at the matte/glossy look. We then chose to black it out. I must hand it to Matt because, yes, he wanted to make his bike special to him, but he also wanted to show off what we do — both in paint and in component customization. We are thankful for his support. Not only that, but it is the first bike in our company’s history that we placed the Jack Kane signature on the down tube. Matt has always been a fan of it and suggested we put it on the down tube, so we did.

Since we’re in a military town and ride with Marine’s every day, it made perfect sense to unveil the bike via a Black-Ops/ night-vision theme. black ops cycling slider

moonlight jack kane

The bike’s name is “Moonlight”. If you look at Matt’s shirt, it reads “Moonlight Hunt Club”. This group of guys ride every Saturday morning at 5am. We painted it on the top tube — It’s just one more motivational tool to help him find that extra strength when sprinting to the line at a race or town line. It makes his bike unique to him. It makes it a one-of-one.

Component-wise, Matt was an experienced rider and knew exactly what he wanted. It’s hard to find the level of freedom and flexibility we give you when building a bike. Even if you don’t know what parts to build your bike with, we can help you and provide recommendations. You aren’t forced to buy stock parts and then spend more money upgrading later.

We worked together and built a bike that has serious flash, but not the kind that leaves you seeing spots. When you choose Jack Kane, our goal is to build and paint a one-of-one bike just for you. It’s what we do.


Jack Kane Nighthawk SL Build Spec’s

Frame: Jack Kane Nighthawk SL (high modulus)
Components: Shimano Ultegra
Wheels: Zipp 404 Firecrest Carbon Clincher
Tires: Specialized Turbo Pro
Seat Post: Thomson Masterpiece
Stem: Thomson Elite X2
Handlebars: S-Works Tarmac Carbon
Saddle: Fizik Arione
Weight: 16 lbs 6 oz

black on black blog nighthawk