Example of Little Details in a Restoration: Merckx Team SC

Restoration — what does it mean to you? For some, just bringing it back to where it was is fine. For us, we bring it back and improve it.

Little details matter in a restoration. Yes, the first thing about a restoration is reviving the bike, but sometimes it needs to go a step further. We recently had a bike come into our shop which provides a great example of what little improvements we can make for you.

Initially, we were under the impression the frame had a carbon fiber weave taped on the chain stays solely for aesthetic purposes. Once we received the frame, we learned it had carbon fiber tubing on the chain stays with cheap “carbon” tape. The tape was covering the seam and edge between the carbon and scandium. It wasn’t too appealing. So, we set out to make it look clean, smooth, and like actual thought was put into the transition. Once the frame was bare, we worked our magic.


Instead of cheap tape, we made it look clean and that thought was put into it.


Better than the factory.


Nice and smooth!

Project: Eddy Merckx Scandium Team SC
Work by: Jack Kane, Zane Schweer