A Water Bottle Upgrade

There are water bottles and there are water bottles. I have always fashioned the standard bottle of my favorite shop or the team I was on. You know the details: push/pull nozzle, squeeze the body for water, taste last weeks Gatorade (but you’ve ridden three times this week with water), leaks everywhere when you least expect it, maybe hints of BPA, but they withstand the test of time (even after the hundreds of mold cleanings). It is part of being a cyclist. Well, water bottle technology has evolved and I’m on-board.

These bottles have been around for a couple years, but I had no reason to throw out my old bottles. I had ventured out a little bit as I am open to change two years ago. I tried a Polar insulated bottle. It was a joke. I noticed absolutely no difference between my cheap-o non-insulated bottle and their bottle. Plus, it was bulky and heavy. I reverted back to my standard bottles. (Polar, if you’ve improved your bottle, I’m open to re-trying)

You might be asking what spurred this revelation?

My dishwasher.

Enter CAMELBAK Podium bottles.

I wanted to accomplish two things with this purchase. Move into the 21st century and follow up on the insulation kudos I have heard about CAMELBAK.

The motto of the Podium hydration bottle is “Always Open –> Always Shut”. What they should add to the tag is:

“Your luck has changed! You can forget to close the nozzle so when you’re done with your ride and wheel your bike inside, all remaining fluid doesn’t leak all over your frame and floor.”

Little long? Well, now you know. I claim rights to this phrase.

The other positives:

  • “Jet Valve”
  • This nozzle is the foundation of the “Always Opens, Always Shut” philosophy. There is no need to pull the nozzle with your teeth and no need to leave your nozzle open which always results in splashing fluid all over your frame while you ride. If you are traveling with the bottle in your bag, it has a locking mechanism to prevent spills. It is made with soft rubber, so you can bite down if you need.

  • “Trutaste”
  • Somehow the plastic does not retain the flavors of past rides. I have not tasted last week’s Gatorade yet.

  • “BPA-Free”
  • Self-explanatory. I can still have kids one day!

  • and it’s “Dishwasher safe”
  • Hmmm….

    What I Don’t Know:
    How cleaning the nozzle out in the event mold grows in there will work out. Anyone know?

    UPDATED 8/5/2011: CamelBak has a video about cleaning. It’s almost too easy!!

    UPDATED: It’s not as easy as it seems in the video. I did not want to pull any harder than I did and I was unsuccessful. Now my bottle leaks.

    I’ve been sweltering in North Carolina’s heat and humidity this summer. The liquid in the non-insulated bottle warms like any other bottle. However, the insulated bottle keeps fluid cooler. After two hours in the sweltering heat, the couple degree contrast makes all the difference, both physically and mentally. They are both great bottles.

    My favorite feature about the Podium bottle is the always open, always shut feature. Not spilling liquid all over the place in the event you forget to close the top is EXTRAORDINARY!!

    At the very least, two people will be happy with this. Your dentist will approve of this decision. Your bike frame will too. It will not be sticky anymore from performance drinks.

    What bottles do you own and use?