New Marketing Manager

Jack Kane Custom Racing Bicycles hires Brand Marketing Manager
Jacksonville, NC – Jack Kane Custom Racing Bicycles, a custom paint and road-tested bicycle company, has hired Zane Schweer as its first Brand Marketing Manager. Thanks to continued growth, prominent athlete sponsorships, and spectacular professional paint work, the company requires a full time manager for the brand. Kane Bicycles is known for its custom painted race bikes which are all painted by the owner, Jack Kane. Jack Kane has over thirty-five years of extensive industry experience and knowledge.

Schweer, formerly of AT&T, comes to Kane with a wealth of sales and marketing knowledge. He is also recognized in the Atlantic Coast Collegiate Cycling Conference for his transformation of the defunct Wake Forest University Cycling team into a well-functioning machine. He earned his B.S. in Business. Schweer sees numerous opportunities at Kane to mirror those he achieved at Wake Forest University.

Jack Kane Custom Racing Bicycles anticipates Schweer’s transformation of the company from a successful word-of-mouth business to a nation-wide player breaking the monotony of the standard paint jobs. “Riders no longer have to settle or accept standard paint jobs. They can now put themselves in the designer’s chair and create their own bike at a comparable price. Bottom line: People buy Jack Kane bikes because they have been proven time and time again on the road and will never see someone else riding their bike on a ride or at a race.”

Schweer can be reached at 910.455.1011, email: zane[at]kanebikes[dot]com

Company Blurb:
Jack Kane Custom Racing Bicycles is a custom design and road-proven bicycle company based out of North Carolina. Jack Kane, owner, has been in the industry since the 1970’s, earning a large underground following. Through consistent professional and elite level sponsorships, Kane bikes are repeatedly proven on road and in the peloton. However, Jack Kane’s real passion is designing a rider’s dream bike. Working alongside the rider in the design process and building to order is where Jack Kane Bicycles separates itself from the rest. Jack Kane Custom Racing Bicycles specializes in aluminum, aluminum carbon, full carbon road, triathlon, and track bicycles. All bikes are painted by Jack himself. No two bicycles are the same. For more information, visit