Why Jack Kane Custom Racing Bicycles?

We bet you weren’t expecting us to propose to you first! We understand that for sponsorships, more importantly, partnerships to work, we have to have a common goal. We want to support you and we want you to support us.

We’ve partnered with professional cycling teams to individual riders. Our racers put our bikes through the infernal regions of the racing circuits and come out on top time and time again. Our 2010 season was the culmination of years of hard work, testing, and well-supported partnerships. We know our bikes are the cream of the crop. Our teams have custom designed bikes to compliment their team kits. Nothing beats rolling up to the line or sprinting out of T1 on a bike design no one else has. People always do a double takeA double take on you and YOUR sponsors.

Even more Value to YOUR Sponsors

For your other sponsors, we want to work alongside you to help provide them further exposure. It raises your stock value to them. We can put your sponsor’s logo/image/text on your frame to provide additional exposure. While team kits are great billboards for sponsors, sometimes a rider’s position hinders an open view and ruins the perfect photo. Your bike, whether it is racked, leaning against a wall, off the front in a breakaway, or on the triathlon course, is wide open. Sponsors can change over a couple years, so we are strategic in how we place graphics.

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Please email us at info [at] kanebikes [.] com or send a written overview of who you are (team, individual, etc) and what your goals are for the up-coming season. We want to know the following:

  • Past results
  • Accomplishments
  • Team needs/requests
  • Upcoming race season calendar
  • Website, blog, social media strategy
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    If you or your team are brand-new, that’s okay. We know you have to start somewhere. We do our best to support start-ups.

    Ultimately, we partner with teams that are professional, friendly, engaged with the community, approachable, show off the panache of our bike designs, and work alongside us so we are mutually successful.

    Depending on the level of involvement, level of the team/rider, and overall partnership plans, sponsorships revolve around discounts of bicycles and the equipment to allow riders/teams to compete day in and day out. We do provide incentives.

    Like a business, we reward our top sales people.

    Corporate Logo Road Bicycles

    If you or your business is looking for corporate themed road or triathlon bicycles, we can help. We can custom paint bikes in your company colors and integrate logos into the bike paint scheme. Forget a carrot, a Kane is a much better motivator.

    Calling all Apparel Companies

    Do you need a bicycle to compliment your latest gear for a magazine shoot, video, etc? Contact us for opportunities to have a Jack Kane bicycle designed for you.

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