Jack Kane K Team Carbon Krono

Jack Kane Triathlon and Time Trial Frame

super hot triathlon bike


  • High modulus monocoque frame
  • 3K weave carbon fiber exterior
  • Aero seatpost INCLUDED
  • Aero-nose
  • Adjuster screw in rear wheel in drops outs
  • Braze-on derailleur

The time trial. It’s just you and your bike. Whether it’s the local time trial series or the qualifier for the Ironman Championships in Kona, your bike split makes a statement. Our aluminum TT frame laid the foundation, so our goal with our K Carbon Krono frame was to integrate aero-dynamic features into the frame. We incorporated an aero-nose, airfoil tubing, and an airfoil tapered seat post to blend in with the rest of the frame’s aero-tubing.

This is a monocoque frame which, in English means, it doesn’t have lugs or prominent joints. It provides a snappy and lively ride. Zip out of T1 or off the line and maintain your speed and momentum. The beefy bottom bracket ensures that the watts your legs generate are not lost, but propel you forward.

Add on the fact you get to design your own paint job and this makes one great frame.

Frame Monocoque high modulus carbon fiber w/ 3k weave
Fork Enve, 3T, etc
Paint Custom painted in North Carolina
Components Shimano, SRAM, Campagnolo
Seat Tube Carbon airfoil Aero-tube
Extras Aero-seat post
Bottom Bracket English
Sizes 48,51,54,57,60
Price Frameset: $2,499 (frame, fork, paint job) Complete builds start at $3,599
Weight We provide weight for each rider. There are no industry standards for weight.
Ordering Let’s get started! Email

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Size Seat Tube Angle Head Tube Angle Top Tube Length (cm) Head Tube Length (mm) Seat Tube Length (cm) Rear to Center (cm) Front to Center (cm) Bottom Bracket Drop (cm) Wheel Base (cm) Stack/Reach (mm)
48 76.0 72.5 51.0 95 48.0 39.5 57.0 6.8 95.5 498/392
51 76.0 72.5 53.0 100 51.0 39.5 59.0 6.8 97.5
54 76.0 72.5 55.0 120 54.0 39.5 61.1 6.8 99.7 526/420
57 76.0 72.5 57.0 130 57.0 39.5 63.2 6.8 101.7 535/439
60 76.0 72.5 58.7 150 60.0 39.5 64.8 6.8 103.4 552/452

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  1. I recently got the color shift tri bike from pawn shop in Salisbury nc. I love it! Does anyone have weight and height it was designed for? #753 thank you. BTW I’m 6,0 214lb

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