Avoid the Standard Bike Specs Pitfalls:The Perfect Bike by You

Are you in the market for a new bike? Do you want to get the most bike for your dollar? While there are numerous ways to accomplish this, here is one way to fine-tune, modernize, and save money in the long run on your next bike purchase:

I was reading this article on Slowtwitch.com and it raises a great point about default component packages on bicycles. It inspired me to write our addition to it — DON’T SETTLE for having to accept ‘standard’ parts. It goes like this:

The Typical Process:

  • You find the bike you want to ride
  • Fine-tune size and fit
  • Choose (typically having to accept) the color/paint scheme
  • Settle for the factory-sent components/gruppos
  • Purchase the bike
  • Learn later that your “Dura-Ace” bike has an Ultegra chain or cassette
  • Begin upgrading to all the parts you want, depleting your funds more quickly than your sodium levels on the race course.
[hr_small] You just invested $2,000-$6,000+ on your bike and now you are spending on upgrades and swap-outs?! Ouch. That costs you more in the long run. Even worse, that is race-entry-fee money blowing out the door.

Triathletes experience this more than Roadies do, but the feeling is the same — extremely frustrating. Our sport is already expensive and now we have to buy things we do not want?!

The Ideal and Perfect Bike Buying Experience:

  • Find the bike you want to ride
  • Fine-tune sizing and fit
  • CUSTOM DESIGN your bike: Select the colors and the paint scheme. (Secretly, you want it to mesh with your gear. We all do whether we admit it or not).
  • Build and select, from the ground up, all of the components you want
    – We’re talking gruppos, aero-bars/base-bars, handlebars, brakes, tires, wheels, stem, water bottle cages, cable housing, seat post, etc.
    – STOP the PAINFUL and SENSELESS spending on parts you do not want.
    – Be a SMART buyer
  • Purchase the bike
  • No upgrades or changes are needed because it was built to your specifications
  • Fit not just right? Call or email with your questions. The staff EMPOWERS you to become more in tune with your body and a better cyclist as you make changes yourself. Essentially becoming one with your bicycle.

Doesn’t this sound pretty simple and liberating? Well, I just described the Jack Kane bike buying experience. Not only are you getting a fantastic custom designed and painted bicycle, you are not spending anymore money than you have to. It is built up and spec’d right the first time. Oh, and if you’re afraid that we’re not in your local shop? Check out our Testimonials page.

Total cost of ownership.

It is probably one of the biggest factors a lot of cyclists and triathletes do not always consider when buying a bike. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars in my life time already on my bikes/gear/parts/etc, so when there are options to ensure I invest my money wisely, I’m all over it… guaranteed. Wouldn’t you want to do the same?

Email us, info[at]kanebikes[.]com, and start designing your next bike. Or, if the box on the lower right hand side of your screen is illuminated, click it and chat directly with me right now.

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