Battle Axe SL Carbon Frame

custom flame bicycle


  • Full high-modulus carbon fiber
  • Winged “Axe” Seat Tube
  • Tapered Head tube: 1-1/8″ top 1-1/2″ bottom, 1.5″ Cane Creek IS Standard
  • Bowed seat stays
  • Aluminum alloy rear drop outs
  • Internal rear brake routing

Ever notice how tired you can be after riding on rough roads? It’s because our bodies have to absorb the never ending vibrations our bikes ride over — taxing us both physically and mentally. So, how could we reduce the amount of road chatter your body takes in? We designed our Battle Axe SL.

The Battle Axe SL is the curviest frame we offer, but the curves are not simply for appeal. They serve a purpose. The dual seat stays are bowed to minimize high frequency road vibrations all the way up to the seat tube. Why should you care? It means a smoother ride for you. If your local rough roads are wearing you down, this frame will help alleviate that nuisance. The winged seat tube “axe” is pronounced for those desiring to reduce air flow turbulence to the rear wheel. The unified chain stays help minimize flex while sprinting/pedaling to maintain torsional stiffness, which leads to efficient pedaling and minimal power loss. All of these traits combine to create one exceptionally smooth machine. We never sacrifice your ride quality, so our goal is to maintain the big three — responsiveness, lightness, and durability. We have found the right balance between stiffness and compliance. We designed around you — every tube serves a purpose.

Our philosophy on our tapered head tube: We maximize stiffness in the front by evenly distributing stresses and loads the bike faces during rides/races. As a result, the ride feels more reliable and assured. We achieved this with the beefier 1-1/2″ bottom.

Female riders have the option of having the frame model be “K Pro Carbon” instead of Battle Axe.

At no point did I feel like the bike was wasting any of my energy. Descending is confidence inspiring on this bike. The first real descent I rode was about 3 miles long with the last 1/3 of a mile between 15-18% with tight twisting turns and it felt like I was on rails. I felt like I looked like a moto GP racer navigating a chicane. I was able to move the bike under me effortlessly and lay it from side to side quickly and with kind of poise that can get you in trouble! ~BikeRumor

Frame High modulus carbon fiber with a 3k exterior weave
Fork Proprietary carbon
Paint Custom painted in North Carolina
Components Shimano, SRAM, Campagnolo
Seat Tube 31.6mm
Notes Internal brake routing
Braze-on derailleur
Bottom Bracket BB30
Wheels Shimano, Zipp, Mavic, Rolf Prima, etc
Sizes 47, 50, 53, 56, 58, 60
Weight We provide weight for each rider. There are no industry standards for weight.
Price Frameset: $2,799.99 (frame, fork, paint job)- Complete bikes start at $4,099
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Size Seat Tube Angle Head Tube Angle Top Tube Length (cm) Head Tube Length (mm) Seat Tube Length (cm) Rear to Center (cm) Front to Center (cm) Bottom Bracket Drop (cm) Wheel Base (cm)
47 75.0 71.0 50.7 110 47.0 40.5 57.4 6.8 97.0
50 74.5 72.0 52.6 120 50.0 40.5 58.0 6.8 97.6
53 73.5 72.5 54.7 150 53.0 40.5 58.7 6.8 98.2
56 73.5 73.0 55.9 160 56.0 40.5 59.4 6.9 99.0
58 73.0 73.0 57.4 180 58.0 40.5 60.4 6.8 100.0
60 73.0 73.5 58.5 200 60.0 40.5 61.0 6.8 100.5